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  1. It's all good. Honestly- If i put my foot down we would have big fat floor standing speakers but It's just not that important to me. Also, If i'm being honest- aesthetics do matter to me somewhat too. I hope that we can still be friends and I look forward to your feedback once the house (and cabinets) are all done.
  2. I apologise If i came across upset. I am nothing of the sort. My wife and I are genuinely laughing together at your posts. By all means I encourage you to continue. 😂
  3. You guys are great. Who would have thought two complete strangers could have such incisive insight into my life situation. Loving this. Please keep going.
  4. I showed my wife your advice. She didn't really appreciate it. Now I am sleeping on the couch 😉
  5. Hey everyone, thanks again for all the replies and advice. At this stage I’ve gone with the cxa81, cxn v2 and a pair of 805 d3 with stands. cables are being run under the carpet (flatter cable with the underlay channeled out). The intention is to have the speakers positioned on stands and hope they look ok but the fall back option is to try them in the book shelves and hope they look ok. I was very impressed by the 805’s albeit in a showroom environment. Preferred them to the pmc and the 700 speakers. Preferred the pmc to the 700’s. i will report back (with photos) once we are up and running. Thanks again
  6. That was the exact product I was thinking of! I think at this stage I’ll plan for some small floor standing speakers (in regards to wiring). Once the cabinets are done I’ll try that out. If my wife doesn’t approve then I can always retreat back to some bookshelf placed speakers. I have access to some speakers I can try positioning for aesthetics. I’ll post images as things take shape. Thanks again everyone
  7. This idea had occurred to me, although it doesn’t seem to be the “done thing “. Which made me think there must be a reason?
  8. Well,If that is working well then we should be ok. Add an extra metre or so to the speakers and that is where we will end up. Thanks!
  9. The bookshelf will be built in. So corner to corner,perhaps even up the side walls too. (so about 5m wide).
  10. Thank you everyone for the replies! Seems like I really need to have the speakers on the floor/stands. I'd prefer that- it is just the usual wife/ aesthetics conversation. If the book shelf itself is 40cm deep (just deep enough for the amp to rest on) and the speakers are, say, 70cm (to the rear of the speaker) in front of that and they are 50cm deep then that would leave about 3.3m to the rear wall and perhaps 3m to my ears. Does that all sound reasonable?
  11. Hey everyone, thanks in advance for your help! I’m in the process of building a new house. It has an upstairs music room/library where i Hope to find time to read and or listen. Ideally I’d love to get some bookshelves that actually can be placed in the bookshelves! Although I understand this may not really work. If not then i can always get stands. the book shelve is being custom made so it can be designed to aid in speaker placement if that helps. the room is 5m by 5m, carpet, curtains and 2.8m ceilings. I currently have a cxa81 and cvn v2. Both Cambridge. budget is flexible but preferably under 5k thanks again for any advice! Adam
  12. Hey, just here to do some research. Setting up my new hifi room and there seems to be lots of good advice here. thanks Adam
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