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  1. haha, when we moved in together I told her they are part of the package...she definitely appreciates the sound. She also poopoo's other peoples places when we go there commenting on others setups (or lack there of). But....unfortunately until I have a dedicated room, where she doesn't have to look at them. Its time to move them on. And ive finally got a pimp ass PC, so i spend far less time on the couch now
  2. There was an EOI a few weeks back on these, ***REGRETFUL SALE*** Ideally would prefer someone local. As shipping would be a nightmare. Had many DM's about this speaker, it has slight markings on the top, as shown in video, its not dented or scratched just shiny had since 2012, Yamaha rxv 765, Onkyo tx nr1009 and marantz 1609 are the amps this has spent most of its life on. There are soem original boxes in the roof space, not sure if its for the cc690 or the studio 100's (studio 100's are being rented) More than happy to answer any quest
  3. Hey guys, Selling my Rotel 1080 2ch 200w Power Amp Pretty sure original box supplied, (its at mum and dads in storage) Girlfriend has cracked the shits. Time to move this power house on. Works great - used these to power Paradigm Studio 100's Price is negotiable Ill be very transparent with you and other offers put forward. Will swap for a Sonos Arc plus cash your way
  4. I'm just after some recommendations on what would be some alternatives to what I currently have
  5. Hey team, Since 2012 I have been rocking some Studio 100's and CC 690 with ADP 590 and Paradigm Sub 10 A significant other has come on to the scene 5 years ago, and has only finally told me the speakers need to change. She appreciates the sound, but says visually they dont please. I tend to agree on the fact that trying to find a tv unit to cater for such a large speaker and amps weighing in over 60 kg its hard to find a sturdy unit that looks good and can cater for such large heavy units. Anyway so just after some input on, some bookshelves that haul ass
  6. Hey guys, my name is Tom, always had a fondness for loudness Back in high school saved up for the Logitech z550d 5.1 surrounds for the PC So you could say that was the beginning. Finding old speakers on the side of the ride and just rigging them up and putting them back on the road. Anyway tech nerd, with a couple set ups currently In the main TV room 55" Sony Bravia 1080p (last of the 1080s) Paradigm studio 100 Powered by Rotel 1080 Paradigm cc 690 Through Onkyo tx-nr1009 Paradigm sub 200w sealed (can't remember the
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