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  1. I have a soft spot for Rotel amps of this era. Simple modest little things and will make a nice noise for someone who's willing to service it. It's 20 Watts / channel RMS by the way, not 120. Refer https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/rotel/ra-311.shtml and https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/rotel_integrated_stereo_amplifier_ra_311.html GLWTS!
  2. Hi and thanks for your suggestions! I will drop you a PM also. I have not heard of the local NotePerfect speakers before (but I am new to this game/obsession) but what a timely thing to learn about on Australia Day! I found Mike Kontor's (archived?) http://noteperfect.com.au/index.php/design-philosophy/ . Sounds interesting, but I couldn't find any mention of the Maxi bookshelf speakers there. I have dropped an email to Mike Kontor's email address listed on the website so let's see if that gets through to the man himself. cheers, Rob Update: Mike responded very quick
  3. Yes, indeed the little Rotel has puny output (but dare I say it, almost "perfectly formed"? 🙂 ). I have added a link to the model spec on HiFiEngine in the original posting above and here is a link from Rotel's own website (how many manufacturers provide an owners manual for a model from 1975?) RA-210 | Rotel Thanks very much for the link to that Dutch page that you provided. It is a very interesting, and we did replace pretty much all the capacitors with new quality items in the recent service. The goal in that service was simply to return the amp to good orginal performance a
  4. Hi all I'm throwing this one out to the gurus for guidance on some good-speakers-on-a-shoestring budget, please. My wife has a vintage early 1970s Rotel RA-210 amp that she has owned for about three decades and loves dearly. It is performing very nicely after a recent service but there is no escaping the fact that its output is very modest (well under 10W / channel RMS). https://www.hifiengine.com/database/hifi_database.php?model_type=amp&make=Rotel&mdl=RA-210 It seems to have that Rotel characteristic of good current reserve, and I haven't observed any clip
  5. Thanks to those who maintain and contribute to this very useful thread. 🙂 Does anyone have any recommendations from the <$1000 and $1000-$2000 sections of this list (or similar) for low power amplifiers? (i.e. under 20 watts RMS). cheers, Rob
  6. Thanks! I just checked and you're correct, there's only one set of speaker connections on the RA-630, and two (A and B ) on the Rotel A-10, A-11, A-11 Tribute, A-12 and A-14. I guess that may be something that doesn't matter to many, but I also guess there are enough people on this forum with multiple sets of speakers that they would miss it. Otherwise, the RA-630 appears similar to the A-12...
  7. Hi. Sorry to post on an old thread, but out of curiosity (since there's a Rotel RA-630 being advertised on a certain site at the moment), does anyone know just what was lost from the Rotel A-12 when it was "stripped down" to make the RA-630? Does the RA-630 have Bluetooth input? Comparing the spoecs posted on HiFi ENgione for A12 c/w RA-630, the A12 appears to have higher damping factor (220 vs 180, but I doubt I could hear much difference TBH) and the A12 quotes minimum impedence of 8 ohms whereas the RA-630 quotes 4 ohms mininim (which I thought might be better when trying to drive some s
  8. Hi Twofires, sorry to post on an old thread, but out of curiosity (since there's a Rotel RA-630 being advertised on a certain site at the moment), just what was lost from the Rotel A-12 when it was "stripped down" to make the RA-630? Cheers, Rob
  9. Thanks for your interest and suggestions, Muon and Audiofeline. As noted earlier in the thread, we've fitted one of the new(ish) Audio Technica AT-VM95ML cartridges with the ML microlinear stylus, which seems a very good match. Not the cheapest option (there are cheaper elliptical stylii for that cartridge) but not the outlandishly expensive, either, and it's digging good details from old LPs, given the limitations in the rest of my system. I think that old Shure EM91ED cartridge and stylus hit the bin so upgrading its stylus may be a lost option. .... Oh well.
  10. Thanks very much for your suggestions. Something that puzzled me (perhaps unnecessarily) was whether some of the various isolation options would make much difference to a TT like the Dual, which already has 3-point sprung suspension in its platform/plinth. The pix that I see of various commercial and DIY options seem to involve unsuspended TTs, so I can imagine that the squash ball technique and similar would help isolate those. But if the TT is already sprung, I'm wondering whether more suspension (of whatever method) will just make the whole setup even more roly-poly. I think
  11. Hi. I have found the folks at Open Ear Audio in Fairfield (Vic) to be very helpful and very reasonably priced. They did a good job bringing back to life a Dual 1219 TT that I found, which had not been used for 30+ years. Refer https://openearaudio.com/turntable-repair-service/
  12. Thanks for suggestions, folks. Unfortunately it's a rented house and I can't drill into the walls to afix a shelf sufficiently securely/safely, nor can I modify the flooring or restump the house (which is what is really needed), and I can't access the underside of the house to place chocks between the floorboards and joists (which was a creative suggestion!). The Dual TT is located on quite a heavy large timber bench / cabinet, and I was surprised that the vibration/bouncing was being passed through such a heavy and substantial cabinet. Also to my surprise, it seems the Dual's
  13. The power supply plug is the type used with the switched AC power outlet on the back on many 1970s amps. We checked it out and it is working perfectly with the switched power outlet on our vintage Rotel amps (RA-210 and RX-402).
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