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  1. Hi, you may have some issues with the depth of some of your selected speakers. The sides I think and the centre is close. Have you considered a false wall which will give you greater flexibility. If you a wall mounting a large panel TV, don't forget wall reinforcements.
  2. Interestingly, I have just yesterday pulled out my old Toshiba portable to found it also needs a new belt. This one shouldn't be too hard to fix, so will be ordering some belts and getting it going.
  3. Hi fellow members. I'm reasonably new to SNA and this is my first post. I live in the SE of Melbourne. I have started to set up a listening area so we can play the number of albums and cassettes we have had in storage for many years. I have rejuvenated an old Technics SL-B2 by replacing the belt and needle and although it isn't a high end TT it seems to be seasonably competent. Thanks to SNA for all the wonderful information to help set up my TT. My real issue however is trying to get a decent cassette deck for not ridiculous money. I have already been burnt on ebay and have become a little gun shy and frustrated. I am therefore reticent to buy again untested as I am learning very quickly how unreliable vintage cassette decks can be and how difficult or expensive even a belt change can become. Every time something which seems OK comes up on ebay or gumtree I scour the usual sites to determine what sort of deck and in particular what heads the player uses. I kind of figure that at least if the heads are better than 40 year old permalloy then I may have a chance of getting something descent. Not that it is that easy to ascertain. The frustrating part is what is available. At the moment there are a couple of AKAI HX-A1 decks which are seemingly pretty basic and strangely enough close to me and each other. Are they a good deck at $100 plus? Kenwood KX-W8030 twin deck, which I read a good review on, which has a number of bidders, from Sydney. But I suspect it will be bid up as all the good equipment has. There is a Hitachi D-W700 from a reseller close to me for $150. Most of the equipment available seems to be from a couple of sellers in NSW & WA. There is an interesting Onkyo TA-2400 which looks promising but again if any good it will be bid up too. There is also a Luxman K260 with very questionable images. I have found a Teac V-450X in a second hand shop in Brunswick but I can't really get there in this lock down. After a few weeks it seems clear that the only decks worth what they are asking are being snapped up by the usual suspects and resold a few days later for 4-5 times what they paid for it, and still no guaranty they work properly. I'm very frustrated. I really don't know how I'm going to get a good working deck. Perhaps my expectations are too high. Some sage advice please. regards and sorry for the long winded post.
  4. Glad I can join your community
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