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  1. I pay $23.99 a month and I think that is a bargain !
  2. Yes each sub is connect to a Sub-Out on the Marantz.........
  3. Thanks, I have read the guide you are talking about. I may do another calibration this weekend and see how that goes. Cheers
  4. Yes I did re-run Audyysey after installing the second sub, I suppose doing it again is a waste of time if no other variables change ?
  5. Thanks for the replies. My speakers are: Fronts : B&W 703 S2 Centre : B&W HTM62 Surrounds : B&W 686 In my Marantz SR6014 receiver all speakers are set to Small and crossover is 80Hz.
  6. Audyyssey passes test tones through both subs during the calibration process. Therefore I would have assumed there would be a graph for Sub 1 and Sub 2 ? I don't have REW or a mic so that's not an option. Cheers
  7. I have just added a 2nd sub to my 5.1 setup so I re-ran Audyssey MultEQ. I added a REL T/9i to my existing T5. Post Audyssey graphs attached, 1 sub first, 2 subs second pic. I assume the smoother the line the better ? The 2 subs sound better than 1 to me, does it look like I need to re-run Audyssey ? Thanks
  8. Further information: Bowers & Wilkins CM5 bookshelf speakers in High Gloss Black. Purchased for $1,600 in April 2014. Comes with speaker covers which have never been used. They DO NOT come with the port bungs. In very good condition. Manual here : https://www.bowerswilkins.com/sites/default/files/2019-04/ENG_FP27979_CM5_manual.pdf
  9. Hi, New member here, hoping to learn from all the enthusiastic and knowledgeable people on the forum. I'm a music lover and this is my gear: Roon Marantz SR6014 receiver Fronts : B&W 703 S2 Centre : B&W HTM62 Surrounds : B&W 686 Sub : Rel T5 Synology NAS Thanks for having me. Christian
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