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  1. Ill give audio tailor a look Not sure where I could audition some MF amps within my budget. Only ones I've seen are way over budget for me unfortunately
  2. Thanks for the advice all round Ill definitely keep my eye out for any second hand primalunas Ill have to ask some of the hifi stores around me about auditioning some amps then and get a feel for the difference between them all
  3. Hi, just getting into the whole hifi scene and have acquired some second hand Ma gold 100s. When I got them they were auditioned on a Nad 368 and they sounded great. My question is does anyone here have some suggestions on amps I should look for to suit these speakers, my budget is going to be 2.5k I will mainly be listening to streamed music with the occasional movie played on the TV
  4. hi im regthing and here to find tips on building my new HT setup
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