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  1. Bought the 2 D52AF's from a seller in Europe in 2017 and got 4 D260's from a seller in the US in 2018. Just kept an eye out after buying the Encores a few years back for drivers.
  2. No, left as is. I don't have the knowledge to play around with them.
  3. Finally finished this project. Replaced all the Vifa bass mid drivers, two of the Dynaudio mid dome drivers and the two Dynaudio Esotec tweeters with NOS units. Matched them by frequency response sweeping all the drivers. The original lacquer finish was cracked and faded so stripped the boxes and danish oiled them. Also replaced the grills, all internal acoustic foam, repainted the bases and thoroughly cleaned the terminals. Beautifully detailed and engaging, quite relaxed in the system (the Meridian G91 is a polite source and pre). Extremely pleased with the result.
  4. I have a Cyrus 8a in black with original packaging available. Daylesford Victoria (regional Vic). Can post. Perfect cosmetic condition. Previous owner had a QX digital card installed (unsure of when) and after a year or so of me having the unit the digital inputs exhibited low distorted level when the unit became warm in summer. Analogue inputs unaffected. Was serviced recently at Rio in Melbourne and decided a replacement card (QXR) was not a cost effective option. Set back to an 8a (rather than 8QXDAC) so the unit doesn't even see the digital inputs as a option, card is still preset.
  5. Small time collector and avid listener. Meridian, Rega, Micrex, Sonique, Duntech, Cyrus, Moon. Live touring audio professional, currently at home for the foreseeable future - thanks COVID.
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