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  1. Sorry just saw this work has been flat out. That’s fantastic o really appreciate u looking into this for me
  2. Thanks Gary - kinda defeats the purpose of buying a smart tv if you use a streaming device though. I’m gonna try the unplugging replugging and see how that goes. Thank you.
  3. Yes - and that can be done but it has to be completed every time, every movie, every episode, you can’t set it as default. This is why I contacted all the streaming companies too. When the trailers come on it reverts back to 5:1 and there’s no controlling that, I don’t really wish to hurt my ears and blow my speakers everytime a trailer comes on. I don’t want to have to log out and redo setting between each episode in a binge either. So annoying. I need to do some research around use of the HDMI arc instead of the optical out, if that’s the same I’m getting a new tv. (Another brand).
  4. Thanks Gary - I agree it’s a bad bug that that don’t seem to be interested in fixing. I have no idea what you said but I saw in a forum someone else used one of these and got results So I’m definitely going to research that. Thank you
  5. Mines a Q65T 4K I think - let me know what you find out, I’ve always loved Samsung TVs but if I can’t use 2 channel audio I’m gonna have no choice but to change. My speakers are worth a lot more than my TV!
  6. So I’ve just spent 3 hours with Netflix, apple and prime tech support. Seems they all default to 5:1 audio now. The defaults can’t be changed back to 2 channel. So the optical out on my Samsung TV is essentially useless.
  7. I’ve been trying to find the settings on the apps and cannot, but Thanks I’ll keep looking for them.
  8. Hoping the brain trust can help. I have a Samsung Smart Tv only 4 months old. I’m trying to connect my 2 channel H-Fi for audio using the optical out (via a DAC). It’s working great on digital TV but when I switch to a streaming app I get terrible noise that almost blows my speakers. The digital output is set to PMC and the TV updates are up to date. Im at a loss as to why the signal is changing so much from the same source. I need help with ideas to fix it. I tried calling Samsung and the help tech told me it’s because you must connect the optical input cable direct to your anal
  9. Interesting.. what finish do they have? Needs to fit with the decor and floorboards for the WAF.
  10. Yep that’s true, lots of Facebook live these days. Dj mates keep asking me to go play Facebook live with them for a bit of fun but I can’t even listen to their weekly FB sets, the live stream audio sounds so crap! Still I might - just for fun. Happy spinning.
  11. I’d say 100% you are joining the dots properly and we’ve crossed paths. Sydney is a small scene. It’s nice to be remembered! Sometimes I miss it but after my best friend died the lifestyle just wasn’t fun anymore. Totally looking forward to getting back into the music though (and collecting records again) my stuff has been packed up for years. You still playing?
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