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  1. Interesting.. what finish do they have? Needs to fit with the decor and floorboards for the WAF.
  2. Yep that’s true, lots of Facebook live these days. Dj mates keep asking me to go play Facebook live with them for a bit of fun but I can’t even listen to their weekly FB sets, the live stream audio sounds so crap! Still I might - just for fun. Happy spinning.
  3. I’d say 100% you are joining the dots properly and we’ve crossed paths. Sydney is a small scene. It’s nice to be remembered! Sometimes I miss it but after my best friend died the lifestyle just wasn’t fun anymore. Totally looking forward to getting back into the music though (and collecting records again) my stuff has been packed up for years. You still playing?
  4. Use for these will primarily be BGM and just joy of music. I’ll run the records from my DJ rig sure, but these speakers will be in another room, I will use my local monitors for DJing. The reality is, as a DJ I’m well retired, 12 years in clubs and festivals is enough for anyone. I might spin on the odd occasion just to listen to some tracks I love (I have some amazing soulful house and bootlegs not on streaming platforms) but mainly I just want to listen and enjoy.
  5. I have yes, but I plan to keep my studio monitors so I can still DJ privately in my office (or listen to tunes while working) the larger setup I’m asking for advice on is for LP listening in the main area of the house (open plan lounge kitchen dining) and for BGM when entertaining. I’ll use the booth out for the office monitors and the main out for the main room. Hope that makes sense.
  6. Thanks - I like the idea of something local, I’ll look into this
  7. Hey thanks for contributing, I’m reading up on some of the items you suggested. I’d never heard of Osbornes, but they seem worth checking out. I’d been thinking about a drive to Melb (in a couple weeks when covid settles down) to listen to some ProAC’s (you can’t get them here). I think now I definitely will take that trip now to check out the Osborne’s too. Thank you
  8. Der! You know I hadn’t thought of reaching out the her audiologist and it’s something so obvious. Thanks so much for your input.
  9. Thanks so much for the offer but unfortunately I’m really not up to building anything. I just don’t have the knowledge or skills. Even if I outsourced the build, I wouldn’t know if I was getting ripped off or not.
  10. Thank you so much everyone this is really helpful, great stuff. I think a tube pre amp is out tho - I have 2 x turntables through a Dj mixer that does that job (albeit not as well). I dont want to loose that functionality. But lots to think about here, especially consulting the audiologist and then setting up profiles (with a general eq or otherwise). There’s certainly some ideas and speaker types here i have not yet considered so more homework for sure. Amazing!
  11. Hoping u folks can help. I’ve got choice paralysis. I’m searching for the best speakers/amp set up to fill a large room (7m x 10m with a 6m ceiling apex). I enjoy presence, clarity and full bodied mids and lows. My partner also has contracted bad tinnitus and makes me turn off anything with too much top end as it hurts her ears (this is the problem with my little studio monitors). I’m trying to find the best solution but the speakers I love are just out of reach (Lenard Audio Sarabande’s and Tannoy heritage speakers with a half decent amp) Any suggestions for good warm options to consider around $8,000 AUD?
  12. Hi - thanks for letting me join. R
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