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  1. Wow, that Luxman is a serious bit of kit, along with being able to drive two sets of speakers. The M823sq's are a large 3-way bookshelf speaker, a smaller version of the Summoner 863 floor standers. Mine are on stands, between head and waist level when sat down. They're weight is very heavy, I've been meaning to put them on the scales. They're the first set of speakers I've played 'Pink Floyd - The Wall' on that didn't produce any rattles or harsh bass clashes on particular tracks proven to be a handful in the past. I've not had the volume past 40% yet (need to wait until neighbours head out for the day), but someone else commented previously regarding that increasing the volume is very deceptive, it creeps up on you without realising how loud it actually is. Very smooth with new clarity and detail not heard before on favourite songs that one tends to repeat over the years. I was also considering a subwoofer, but now I'm comfortable without one. These speakers definitely have the quality to be driven through your Luxman, and you have more options depending on whether you're adding as primary or secondary set. Worth emailing Ascension speakers with your requirements and discuss the options. You also have the option of upgrading the drivers above and beyond what is listed on the website, there are many different finish and colour choices also which for me was very difficult to decide upon. My newfound life's selfish little pleasure is sit down in front of them, close my eyes, and let the music take the aches and pains away. Love the vibrations through the body. Definitely recommend these.
  2. There’s a lot of rebirthing of componentry between the two models there, which is smart manufacturing, the marketing team have dissolved that to some degree as you would expect. On the fence with the new facia, reminds me of a 70’s dashboard where back in the days your dad’s arm was the emergency airbag. A nice finish but the knob facia doesn’t blend or contrast quite enough for my taste, from first glance. I’m liking HEOS a lot and have replaced my satellite apple homepod with a small Denon 150 in a different room from PM7000N and Ascension speakers, it’s not as dynamic as the homepod but I’m very happy to turn off Siri (we never get along well). HEOS has proven quite robust so far, no complaints.
  3. Collected a pair of new Woodfox 823SQ 3-way bookshelf speakers a few weeks ago from Edward. Absolutely amazing.
  4. I’m only using Spotify from iPhone and iPads streaming to the PM7000N but have found it very reliable. These IOS devices act as a remote control interface only, they do not push the music to the amp which has built in Wi-Fi connected to your home network so the amp is directly connected to your home internet and plays directly from Spotify. This saves the battery drain on the IOS devices. Alternatively you can stream from IOS directly to the amps inbuilt Bluetooth (but we prefer the wifi). As this amp can also be connected to your IOS ‘home’ devices we can play to apple homepod, appletv, in other wifi connected rooms at the same time. We do this a lot with an apple homepod in the kitchen using the amp in the other room to play the same songs at the same time, this works very well and with separate volume controls for each of the different rooms. Many a great meal has come out of this kitchen thanks to this setup. The built in ‘internet radio’ is wonderful (it uses the TunedIn radio app which is built it to the amp), but I cannot yet get this to also play through to our apple homepod speaker. I can if use a radio application from the phone/ipads, but natively I don’t think this is supported. I’m sure if we added a Denon heos speaker this would work, which is very tempting as Siri and I have never got along. As for the streaming quality, that comes down to your choice of the supported music streaming apps. They each have a ‘quality’ selection in their configuration setup. We did only have ADSL2 initially with an average 13Mbps download which wasn’t great for the entire house hold, I had to put a WiFi extender closer to the amp for reliable connection. Recently we switched to NBN and this room now has >50 Mbps connectivity, so now we have interrupted speed through to amp, blue skies. I’m very impressed with this PM7000N, it replaces a lot of individual components and power connections. I can turn it on/off remotely from my phone using the HEOS application (which is a very basic interface btw) and control what we want to listen to (internet radio, CD, streaming apps). The setup was simple, it comes with a remote control, and the display interface on the front of the amp is very detailed. I don’t watch TV so have no interest in an AV setup whatsoever. We all need to keep supporting our local business's more than ever, I purchased both the PM7000N and CD5005 through AudioTrends in Victoria, they were wonderful to deal with from start to end. The speaker cables (Krix edition) along with RCA interconnects (naked E.T.) came from NB Speaker cables here in the Barossa Valley. Ascension Speakers (Adelaide Speakers) collected last weekend, custom Woodfox bookshelf model which are just superb, no grill but instead full front leather panel. So still in a bit of a spin here, feet haven't touched the ground yet, loving it.
  5. Having seen that Van Halen is on your listening list here I sincerely wish you all the very best in getting your new system 'spot on'. I do however revoke this though, should it cross over into the VanHager era.
  6. From the amp perspective you can get them now with built in Bluetooth, and WiFi (internet radio, covers you for all Oz stations nearly) along with the streaming apps from Spotify and others. Along with built in phono amp. Have a look at Marantz PM7000N, it’s a great bit of 2 channel kit. Your’e in good hands here for the TT (I’m not there yet). I started by adding a Bluetooth to Aux1 on the back of my 1990’s Technics, then found this forum, my shed is now full of Technics. There’s a lot of enjoyment in the research and planning stage, enjoy👍🏻
  7. Ascension (Adelaide speakers) do some very nice bookshelves (WoodFox and FireSprite) close to your sizing, they offer a large finish and colour choice also. Worth a look... https://www.adelaidespeakers.com/woodfox-bookshelf.html
  8. Love this thread, thankyou to all that have shared, and please keep them coming.
  9. In the flesh - Pink Floyd. Hot for teacher - Van Halen. 😬
  10. I’ve just received my NB cable order and I’m very impressed, can thoroughly recommend them. You’ll save some coin on your budget also....for other stuff. https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/collections/balanced-xlr The cable is manufactured in Australia also.
  11. Yes sir...all over my skivvy. 😘
  12. The blonde in the roll's shattered my tweeters, blew my base, and liquefied my o2 free cables.....I'm a mess. They don't build them like that anymore. Damn shame. I still own a skivvy or two, and rock them.
  13. Sounds silly but, enquire into the built in robe companies. They quite often do custom home / office pieces also, find one with good examples on their website. The custom design is easy for them, the hard part is finding a company with the type of cabinet and finish that you like to suit that area.
  14. Hi Rob, thank you that's really reassuring! It certainly ticks a lot of boxes with the wifi, bluetooth, and streaming capabilities. Have seen a few reviews of it and the technical spec's are impressive for what I need. I've downloaded the manual and been reading through it, certainly has lit the fire. Now, to start saving for it.
  15. Thank you zippi, appreciated. Another thing that's good to see is photo's of actual Ascension speakers to assist with the colour choice, great reference all round here. I've just ordered my pair Woodfox's with full front leather baffle (no grill) in a jarrah finish applied over american oak. Edward is very busy at the moment, I guess Covid is reviving everyone's listening pleasures as we're more home bound, about a four week wait. So happy to have the choice to buy Australian, and keep the money turning over within the same state. Much more research to do, enjoying the informative resources here, that's for certain!
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