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  1. Thanks for the replies. I would be leaning towards getting a new set up as the sound quality is only OK but my house already has the speakers mounted and the wires run behind the walls which makes it a pain to remove. Can I replace the head unit with a new bose unit? The av18 is pretty old
  2. My Bose Av18 media centre head unit is starting to die on me, but the speakers and subwoofer are still going strong. Are there any other bose or other company head units I can use to replace this with? Ideally I would like a receiver with hdmi and usb inputs for newer TV's and Bluetooth support would also be nice.
  3. still have these, id be interested as im in the same boat as OP. do they have line level in and outs?
  4. how would you hook up the REL to active speakers if your active speakers didn't have a subout? suggestions for a DAC/AMP that handles it well?
  5. Thanks for the recommendation! those look good, might see if i can audition them. Are they good for listening to music? they look more for studio monitoring and mixing
  6. Hi new here to the forum, After many months of COVId19 enforced WFH, I've gotten the itch to improve my home office setup. Ive mainly been into IEMs in the past, and own universal AAW w900, flc8s, dunu titans. I tend to prefer neutralish signatures with good bass texture and natural soundstage. My budget is around $1000 and tossing up between either some desktop speakers or open backed headphones. (Including DAC/amp) My office is pretty small at about 3m by 3m so any speaker would have to be placed fairly close to the wall. Any su
  7. Hi new to the forum, was big on IEMs but now with the lock down interested in home/desktop setups
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