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  1. Hey Guys! Thank you for your help. I found a Yamaha A-S701 for $500 which I thought was a pretty good deal. Speakers sound great, they're extremely crisp. Definitely lack a bit of that really pushy bass sound but probably a good thing for now as I live in an apartment. Where Will You Be by YAW sounds great on them.
  2. I've inherited a pair of Jamo 707i floor standing speakers (in black). I'm looking for a second hand amplifier that will handle them, from what I understand they're a little power hungry! Details below from Hifi Review: "Parameters specifications module of input impedance are quite loyal load for the amplifier: average is 8.6 Ohm, nominal impedance is 3.5 Ohm, standard deviation is +/-3,2 Ohm, maximum is (2 kHz) 16 Om. The setting's frequency of the resonator is 55 Hz. Rated power is 200 W, a valid short-term exposure is to 280 watts. The average sensitivity in the range of 100 Hz - 20 kHz, according to our estimates is very decent - 89 dB." Trying to understand what will handle them. And that might cost around the $500 range (second hand). Yamaha A-S501? Yamaha A-S701? Also saw a NAD 7600 in the classifieds here which looks to be an absolute beast? Hope I followed the rules with this post! Thank you audio gods, I am not yet worthy.
  3. Hello audio nuts. I love my music but I want to learn more about the tech. I have an amazing pair of Jamo 707i's that are looking for an amplifier to offend my neighbours.
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