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  1. @QuinnInSydney and @gwurb thank you very much for your replies.....lots to think about and research which I've been doing. My CDs had been in boxes for a couple of years so I was keen to get my initial system set up and the CDs out. This works fine. The AppleTV (using the Toslink out, mac-mini/iPhone/iPad) is sufficient to stream internet radio or from my NAS at the moment. I feel like I don't need to rush to decide on a upgrade path as I can do everything I want already...it's just about improving SQ. I think I want a seperate DAC and streamer (which rules out the Bluesound Node 2i and Cambri
  2. Thank you for your quick response and knowledge....I intend to use the DAC downstairs for the Vincent/Triangle set-up. I'm really pleased with the sound from CDs and CD player which is what I bought it for and anticipate using for 75% of the time. However, if I play something through the amp, to my ear, it's not as good. And the CDs sound much better if I use the dac in the CD player rather than input it optically into the amp....so I'm assuming the dac in the amp can be improved??? I intend to (and can already) stream to both wirelessly. How often?....Vincent/Triangle not so much
  3. Thanks everyone, particularly DrSK, gwurb, Rusty48, anandpkumar, and quinninsydney for your thoughts. I ended up buying the system in the photo below. A Vincent SV-200 Amp, a Vincent 200 CD player and Triangle Esprit Heyda EZ speakers. To my ear the hybrids sounded a little warmer and cleaner than other stuff I listened to. They lacked a little when I played Greenday but they sounded great for Natalie Merchant (Verdi Cries), Joan Osborne (Midnight train to Georgia) and Ryan Adams etc which is 90% of the music I play. I also suspect I'm not a true audiophile as other factors beside
  4. Thanks, this is great advice and exactly why I joined the forum.....it’s something I hadn’t considered but makes perfect sense! Going to check out the Xeo 4 now!
  5. I hadn’t seen these before and if the reviews are correct they could be the perfect solution, staggering about the quality of sound if all true....no doubt, somewhere along the line, this and their like will be the future of listening to music! But, on an emotional level, I’m not sure I’m ready for it! I buy CDs and then rip to stream through my home network because I still like the physical connection....and enjoyment wise, I feel like I still need a CD player, amp, speakers etc.....maybe, it’s time to let the past go and embrace the future?? On a purely, intellectual lev
  6. Thanks....going to look now! edit: Had a look and they look and suspect they would sound amazing! But as well as being out of my price range I think they’re out of my knowledge base as well...eg I have no idea how to drive them. I’m also pretty sure they’d be wasted in my environment due to the ordinary acoustics. Thanks anyway!
  7. Cheers and I did realise that they could be connected by RCA and I would definitely be doing this. In fact this was one of the reasons they appealed so much. But I will also be using them wirelessly and my current set-up works with a wireless network as distinct from Bluetooth. It’s more of a hassle to covert than an insurmountable problem....and I’m still thinking and researching and I still like them...a lot! Regarding ALAC....my understanding is that anything Bluetooth can only do AAC. The only way to get ALAC (without loss or compression) streamed is by using Airplay which only
  8. Thank you, I enjoyed reading about the 150’s last night which led me to the q350’s...similar but a little bigger for not that many more $. May be a little too much bass for my preference but that can always be adjusted! That then led me to Definitive Technology and their D9’s and D11’s which are both in my price range. After that the Klipsch rp-160m which could be great and the rp-600 which could be ideal but sadly just out of my price range. But they all look good with (from reading) not much between them....but is that the case when listening? Decisions!
  9. Thank you, I've spent the last hour reading about these and they get fantastic reviews. Also being advertised at a great price. I also like that if there's no signal coming in they put themselves to sleep. I'm interested but they're not perfect for my intended use for these reasons...none of them insurmountable. 1. They're wireless, which isn't a negative, but as I have to run a 240v cable to both it's no extra hassle to run a RCA cord. I do need the ability to get wireless in an amp or pre-amp but there's a number of ways of doing that. 2. Interactions are bluetooth on
  10. Cheers guys and thanks for the prompt replies. I agree the speakers will need to be angled down to some extent and had planned to do this. I had looked at both the classifieds you linked to earlier and discounted for a couple of reasons. 1. I don’t think either comes with a remote so that would involve me climbing on something to turn on and off....or leaving them on all the time...neither ideal. 2. I think both are more designed to be connected to computers or for wireless use...the only analogue feed in one is a 3.5mm Jack. The other was only in fair conditi
  11. Hi and thanks in advance for any responses, I've recently moved and i'm in the process of purchasing a sound system for my new house. I want to start with the speakers (2.0 but maybe 2.1 if better) as I think that's the most difficult and then probably an integrated amp. My main room is largish, L-shaped, open plan and with difficult acoustics i.e. hard floors, some full length windows (which can be covered by blinds) and some ceiling height windows (which aren't covered by blinds). The walls are plaster but aren't vertical. They are 4 or 5 plaster sheets slowly rotated from the al
  12. My first response here so be gentle if I'm doing something incorrectly. From the panasonic website: "If you have a 10 or 20 Series Panasonic digital TV, you'll need to run the 'Add MPEG-4 AVC Channels' menu function to view MPEG4 TV channel." and "How do you "Add MPEG-4 AVC Channels" ? Press Menu on the remote control Select Setup Select Setup Menu Select Digital TV Tuning Menu Select Add MPEG-4 AVC Channels and follow the on-screen prompts" There is also a list of TV models which support MPEG-4 channels in Oz!
  13. Hi, Recently retired and i now have time to update and improve my knowledge, equipment and sound. I have a few hundred Cds that I haven't played since my pioneer cd player (sorry can't remember the model) gave way a decade or so ago. I also sold a house fully furnished in January and with that went the majority the rest of my hifi stuff which i wasn't really using...I did this deliberately so I could "re-set" my equipment. During that time I've only really played music i've bought through iTunes or from CDs that I own and have ripped. These have just been streamed over the home wifi syste
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