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  1. Thank you mate I've had it for a few months now and agree with everything you said. Only thing I do is completely disable audyssey for heos streaming on 2 channel. I also enable audyssey EQ and dynamic volume for night watching when the kids are in bed. I prefer it off, but at night it allows me to listen at a decent volume and still get nice surround effects.
  2. BUMP. Postage for the 602s alone was $150 to Brisbane so local is the go. Looks like I might get to hold onto them, suits me the poor girls might end up in the shed yet
  3. Thanks Ruffy I already ordered some 12awg it's in transit somewhere. It was around $4//m for a 50m role
  4. damnit, looks like i should be patient and wait for the 12AWG! nooooooo.
  5. thanks mate, looks like i've tried most of those modes except 'auto' with LFE+main disabled. i'll try that and see how it sounds as well with the sub. if i can leave it on LFE i'd rather do that, as long as there is a way to get the sub 80hz passed to the sub (sounds like auto will do that) not sure about the double base effect, i'll have a play and see if i can notice anything.
  6. it did work mate thanks. haven't used audyssey yet because i'm waiting on speaker cable to finish mounting my in ceiling and surrounds (so i'll calibrate once everything is in) I did play around with manual, set the Q950's to 60hz, the centre to 80hz, and enabled LFE+main. this now uses the sub for stereo sourced music, unless i put it on 'pure direct', in which case i think it uses the speakers only. I have to say, the interface on the Marantz is soooooooooooo much better than the sony i had before. The sub adds a LOT of depth, i was initially a little di
  7. I have not haha. Makes sense does this enable sub out where there no specific mix for it in the source signal?
  8. Hi boss I'm having trouble getting the sub to engage with music from a stereo source, regardless of what mode I set the amp to. However when I listen to atmos or movies etc it works fine. Any hints? I tried to follow your advice above but no luck getting anything from the woofer
  9. I will post mate but I'd prefer to use pack and send at the buyers expense. That way they pack it and ensure its done suitably. I spoke to them today about getting a quote I just need to send them all the dimensions. Alternatively if you are interested, feel free to call them and organise directly and I can drop it to them. I can provide dimensions and weights on request.
  10. Haha yeah I was advised to ask more but I got the gear for a good price around 8 years ago and have gotten a heap of good listening. Whoever gets it will be surprised by the NAD , b&W pairing. My mate has a pair of b&W 802s, even he is shocked at how the little 602s perform and his speakers cost $20k lol. I'm actually a tad nervous on how impressed I'll be with my KEF q950s when they arrive. Super excited also.
  11. Further information: Bulk Lot Happy to sell separately on request.. Everything is in perfect working order (aside from the HDMI board on the AV received as mentioned). The combination of the NAD and the B&W as a stereo setup performs incredibly well, more than happy to audition. I was thinking of keeping them to use in the shed, but they're too good for that. For now, i will look to sell locally as it's going to be difficult to package everything, however i'm open to discussing with somebody to get it posted at the buyers expense (would need boxes, packing etc.). I've
  12. So the NAD would be powering the q950s for all content?
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