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  1. I ran the Ikon 2s for over a decade. Only upgraded mid 2020 (to Dali Opticon 8s!) The Ikons were a fantastic range of speakers, great detail, solid low end. They still do the twin tweeters on lots of models, just not on entry level ranges.
  2. Alrighty, I'm going to put this in the prog thread because come on.. this is peak prog. KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZZARD WIZZARD - POLYGONDWANALAND Melbournes least predictable band, releasing albums in every style from phych rock to folk to stoner jazz to thrash metal, with many songs across many albums containing segments of the overarching gizzverse story, this album being almost entirely part of that story. The band released this album (the fourth of their 5 full length albums released in 2017 alone) under an open creative commons licence, allowing anybody to pres
  3. maybe finnish metal bands just aren't your thing.
  4. I spent the last year eliminating hum, hiss, buzzing etc by focussing on cleaning up my power. I found those issues to be the most grating for me, since I often listen quietly in the background and only really wind it up when I know the neighbors are out. Warped records are awful though. Thankfully I haven't had a new record arrive warped for years. I do see a lot of modern popular music pressings cut just off center, which annoys the crap out of me.
  5. If we go down this path the original posters will get annoyed, but I will throw one suggestion your way if you liked Isis, listen to Our Raw heart by YOB.
  6. You could probably structure a psychological test around it if you wanted to, start with two identical cables, optionally have one visually different or modified in a way that doesn't affect it electrically (sleeve it in coloured braid for example). Then you spruik up the "good" cable with marketing and technobabble and give comparisons to the "bad" cable. Let a pro-ethernet cables volunteer subject who thinks this is a real demo (that's the hard part!) listen for differences while telling them which one they are using and giving suggestions about the sound.
  7. I need to tart them up with thick sleeving and add a few zeros to the price. Maybe glue some crystals on the ends while i'm at it.
  8. The packets are buffered at multiple locations in the ethernet chain and at the streamer generally the whole file, or a large chunk of it ends up cached in local memory within a few seconds of starting playback. playing a file from a NAS or server on a player isn't a bitstream like SPDIF or AES. The audio clock for the DAC is separate to the ethernet data clock entirely and the decoding of the data in the case of encoded or compressed audio does not rely on either of them as it is usually done in software with a CPU. The only thing a cable can do in these situations is
  9. Following on from that, I definitely agree about the low mass, plastic bodies RCAs, the closer you can get to plugging the bare wire straight in the better. they use a solid copper tube with a thick silver plating as the signal conductor, with a small single point ground contact. I personally bought a pack of these a while ago and made up a batch of cables for myself. Only disadvantage to these is if you have RCA sockets with that spiral ground contact seen on some extreme "high-end" connectors, the ground pin might not make contact in certain orientations. That
  10. definitely a joke, but a well designed streamer buffers enough of the data (and crc/parity checked) to make it identical to a static file when you look at it bit by bit.
  11. Bingo. Anyone interested in a service where you send me your audio files and I transfer them back and forward over a fancy ethernet cable a few times then send them back on a gold plated flash drive?
  12. If I take a step back from all the frequency and time domain analysis of the the signal coming from the analogue outputs (which are subject to all sorts of random fluctuations when you are looking at the -120db levels) and just capture a PCM bitstream output from a player comparing a stream from a server via ethernet (using commodity cable and high end cable) along with a capture of a locally sourced file from a hard disk or flash drive, or a stream of the same exact file played from a remote server via the internet and I perform a bitwise comparison on all of those captures, would you see a d
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