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  1. I'm not super into the commercial offerings, but I used to have some Chord Codac silver plus, not super high end but as soon as I tried a simple cable made with Canare LV-61S (standard grade analog video coax) and the proper matched Canare RCAP connectors I started DIYing cables and have never looked back. When it comes to short digital cables, the connectors being the right impedance controlled, non-soldered terminations like the canare RCAPs are what really make the cable.
  2. Yes, but i always try new things. I guess my argument for high frequency cable is that a theoretical perfect square wave requires infinitely high frequencies to reproduce. So a higher frequency rated cable should be better regardless of the signal. Really there's a huge amount of wiggle room in the SPDIF standard to allow decent transmission over comparatively poor cable, or very long runs. You can heavily round over the edges, have ringing, overshoot and jitter and it will sync well enough. I just want to give it the cleanest, sharpest signal possible even if all I really need is a basic composite video grade coax and the differences are all in my head. Plus, big chonker cables look cool.
  3. I have some Belden 4794R 12g cable coming for a job (actually using it for it's designed purpose), but I'm going to pinch some to play with for audio. It's like a silver plated version of 1694A Mostly have been using Canare L-4.5CHWS (stranded core, braided shield, no foil) with matching Canare connectors for both digital and analogue and have been extremely happy.
  4. Looking great Bill, I hope you can keep up with demand!
  5. Lots of Classic Prog here lately. Tonight I'm spinning Rush - Grace Under Pressure. An original 84 pressing in amazing condition. One of my all time favourite rush albums. Amazing synth basslines, great recording quality, huge sound and some powerful lyrics by the legendary Neil Peart.
  6. Currently spinning AHAB - Boats of the Glen Carrig tonight. Gorgeous nautical horror themed doom. Based on the classic novel.
  7. I'd say a basic DAC like the D30 would help as much as a higher end model, but you can't polish a turd is the old saying, so try out Tidal and your uncompressed FLACs and if you can hear an improvement with the better files, then upgrade the DAC.
  8. I'm giving some away about 1000km from you, not far, border is open!
  9. The analogue outputs of a standard Sonos Connect or ZP90 are a bit flat and lifeless sounding to me, so a basic DAC can be a nice upgrade for a bit better punch and fine detail. The 320k max bitrate of Spotify can sound nice on decent hardware, but will show its compression weaknesses with busy music, quiet music and anything with a lot of high frequency stuff going on. Of course that means the best thing you can do is get higher quality source material of your favourite music, CD rips etc, they can still be played back via the sonos system if they are stored somewhere on the network or on your controlling device. Keeping in mind classic Sonos is limited to 16bit 44.1 khz audio only and will not play anything higher than that without upgrading to the newer gear. (I need to test whether Sonos S1 devices capable of running S2 software support 16bit playback of 24bit files, or downsampling of high sample rate audio. Wishful thinking though...) If you end up upgrading your gear, the new sonos PORT (connect replacement) is much, much, MUCH better sounding and supports higher bit rates.
  10. I'm so happy the sedan gets the new engine and AWD too. It's one of the prettiest cars on the road today.
  11. That's a great deal. It would cost at least double that to DIY one of these out of parts, even if you used something like a raspberry pi as the brains. It is just a PC, so it could also be repurposed as a media server, streamer, player etc.
  12. I make these for professional uses (high end video production, recording studio audio and clocks etc) up to a hundred meters long. But i don't really want to step on Bills turf and sell a completed cable here though, he's too nice of a guy to do that too. Ask Bill for one and you'll get a top quality cable at a very fair price.
  13. those cheapies can be very good, as long as you know the potential limitations. EEVblog on youtube has literally hundreds of videos on cheap scopes and plenty of recommendations and comparisons.
  14. Unfortunately with mazda being one of the smallest independent "normal" car companies, they tend to move slowly and reuse what they can as long as possible. that said, they do have one of the best driving traditional torque converter autos on the market. but when a company like Hyundai is there with billions to throw at world class dual clutch 8 speed transmissions and put them in family hatchbacks. you could say competition is tough.
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