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  1. Thanks for reply Do you have link to that online video? Also was thinking of getting a 2nd hand supercube 4000, dont think it under warranty. So there are issues with the supercubes?
  2. Hello Just joined as looking for advice if my subwoofer is faulty (posted in speaker forum) but also looking for recommendations on reputable repair shops in Perth? Thanks
  3. I currently have a 20 year old subwoofer from Definitive tech the pf15tl. Its been great and never missed a beat/boom. However, at the moment when its on and in standby it gives out a very slight rumble. Its vey faint but there, now wondering if it means there is a fault in sub. So I opened up the amp to take a look but found from just a visual sight no obvious issues. Maybe that slight rumble is common? Or could it be that capacitors need replacing beacuse the rumble only occurs when power light is on? Have also unplugged everything and tried different power outlets, different amps, cables and just stand alone to power. The issue is with sub amp power I think the amp power is faulty but how can test the amp power board?
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