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  1. Hi guys, Result here. Mick suggested a particular learning remote so I ordered one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm//124255934863. I had stripped down the original failed Select 1 remote and found a tiny bit of gunge/corrosion which may have been bridging. I got it to work long enough (and it's still going) to teach the replacement. The learning process is really slick and the remote is far more attractive than the original it replaces. Most learning remotes have a million buttons, not this one. Cost? Like AU$7.40. That's bargaintastic, that is.
  2. Thanks. I should have mentioned I have also emailed Mick. Fingers crossed he confirms it’s a standard setup and tells me what code I need to use on a universal.
  3. The basic remote which came with my Supratek Chardonnay/Sauvignon got moody then died. Changed batteries twice, checked innards for corrosion (non-obvious), cleaned with DeOxit anyway - no joy. Sometimes red light stays on, sometimes it won't respond at all. I can't find the identical model anywhere - and the amp has always deserved better than this cheap-feeling little thing. Have any other owners with similar remotes replace them? If so, with what? I don't think it's a standard RC5 thing (which would make life easier) but could be wrong. Your suggestions for alternati
  4. I don't have time to read all the details and have never tried the bypass on my A49 but, having heard and owned various Rotel setups vintage to modern, I have to thoroughly recommend the A49 as THE best amp Arcam has ever made and then some and a clear Rotel-beater. It says Arcam on the front which is enough to set off some people's expectation bias but my amp has surprised more than a few people: Polite? Do me a favour. You may not be able to audition, but if you can then any hesitations would be wiped out.
  5. Thanks for this. I have no problem with Mick’s brevity, in fact I find it quite refreshing! I also guessed, as has been confirmed, that he is extremely busy fulfilling a backlog of orders. Just to be clear, mine is an early Sauvignon and the guy who sold it to me did so as a Chardonnay (which he had bought it as). Mine has balanced outs and Mick confirmed it is a Sauvignon from the serial number. Not sure if this makes a difference to the specs. I do find it frustrating that the Sauvignon instructions mention a photo stage and possible bleed through, whereas the Chardon
  6. Cheers Thomo! Good and bad news... I now know where the remote detector is, but it was flattened against the bottom of the case, either in transit or before. In the vertical position now, it doesn’t work. At least I know what needs repairing.
  7. Accessible but “taciturn” perhaps. I’ve already asked a few questions and got accurate, helpful and brief answers like “yes”. ?
  8. Hi everyone, I introduced myself from England when my 2009 Supratek Sauvignon arrived: It took me a few messages to MIck and others to work out what all the switches do as the handcrafted "manual" has several omissions/errors: Left and right gain switch directionality: obvious in use of course Mute switch rear centre not mentioned Most significantly I thought I had a failed input as the Tape Record and Tape Play connectors are the opposite way round to the diagram Anyway all is up and running and sounding rather fine. Q1 Remote: the remot
  9. Sorted! Thomo suggested it is probably a mute switch - back for mute, forward for sound. Probably pretty obvious in use... Main man Mick was reassuringly vague: "that swith had various uses over the years but it's probably a mute". Too busy making wonderful amps to worry about mentioning a switch in the manual! Love it. Thanks all.
  10. Ok, so I have Q's about the switches and the chrome lumps (ahem) on my Supratek (early) Sauvignon. Where/how is the best place to ask them? I understand the gain adjustment on the rear and on the dual switches behind the 6SN7's. I understand the monitor on/off switch towards the front... But I've only just discovered another switch between the chrome lumps... and I don't know what is inside the lumps. They look gorgeous of course! I'm sure I read something about switching between transformer and valve output; I have almost no understanding of electrickery but it would b
  11. Thanks Simon. First brief listen last night was very promising! Looking forward to getting stuck in.
  12. I have two homes, an apartment in my birth town of Kendal on the edge of the English Lake District and my main home for the last 35 years in rural Leicestershire. I have more hifi flexibility in Kendal and have two systems there for all sorts of reasons. I spend most of time in Leicestershire but my listening time is probably 50/50! Leics: ATC SCM40A, Arcam A49(as pre)/CD23T/D33 DAC/T32 tuner, Rega RP6/Aria/Dynavector 10x5, Blusound Node 2i, power foo Kendal main: Posselt Albatross, Mactone MH300-B, MFA Baby Ref/Supratek Sauvignon, Gyro SE/OL Illustrious Mk2/Ortofon 2M
  13. My Supratek Sauvignon has just arrived. It's gorgeous. I'm going to be looking for hints and tips so I've come to the homeland. Nigel
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