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  1. So I can definitely see why you picked this song, but unfortunately not even in the same category. If Love Lockdown is a 10, I’d give Harry a 7.
  2. So been going though any and all sources trying to find the best song to trully test my sub/bass out. Honestly nothing can quite hold a candle to Kanye West- Love Lockdown. Was wondering if anyone (after giving it a go) has anything they beleive can match or top it? Eager to hear your replies. I’ll do my best to get to all of them and swing you a reply. Hard gig when kids are asleep but will get to all eventually and compare/rate. here’s a link for those that have the time. I promise you will not be disappointed. https://open.spotify.com/track/1kxeWHF9PrCVZHvVskv8lg?si=CXHsOvOrQQi9fR
  3. My current gear is as follows: -Denon AVR 2313 -Dali 404 fronts -Dali CS-1 center -Dali concept sub & hopefully some soon to be purchased some concept 1 rears. oh and spare Dali AW10 sub straight of tv Headphone on kids tv/playroom.
  4. Hey mate if these are Still available I’ll definitely take them of your hands.
  5. Thanks but it’s a Whatmough Tempest Sub, thank link is for a tempest amp?
  6. So looking at a second hand Tempest 2 but can’t find spec sheet/data. Have found tempest 1 & 3 but not 2. Unfortunately Whatmough.com no longer exist previous mentioned links are no longer available. Can anyone help?
  7. So just trying to get some info on Whatmough subs On existing topics before making a purchase. Unfortunately that purchase is tomorrow so really need access to these classifieds ASAP.
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