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  1. Considering moving to Perth just to grab this deal. Then again, at this price it will be gone before I even start loading the truck.
  2. Hi Rossb, Please let me know if the sale doesn't proceed; I'm interested in this cartridge! David
  3. Price drop to $450 (can't seem to edit the original post?).
  4. Hey Googaliser, I thought this would go easily, but it seems there is not even a nibble at this price! David
  5. Hi Nickynick, Once the work had been done, I had a renewed love for the sound this amp produced, but I don't know whether this is down to the amp or my rejuvenated excitement for my system and listening to it, in general. Perhaps both. Either way, I felt it was good value for money! And to be honest, as William configured the amp so that it would be less affected by heat in the future, and more likely to last for many more decades, I was happy to have paid the money for peace of mind! David
  6. PRICE DROP! Why Buy? Built in 1999, with one main owner since then, this is a great example of a fantastically capable Rotel power amplifier. Featuring an inhouse-built, oversized toroidal transformer and easily configured for bridged mono mode, it has plenty of power for any speaker down to 4 ohms, and a lovely warm detailed sound to boot. Recently serviced and given a clean bill of health by Rage Audio (with only minor repairs needed), it is immaculate mechanically and electronically, with the only blemish being pitting and roughness on the top cover. Specific
  7. PRICE DROP! Why Buy? Voted by What Hi-Fi? in 2018 as one of the best 19 stereo amplifiers in the magazine’s lifetime, the Audiolab 8000A is a classic British design that offers plenty of everything: power, transparency, dynamic range. I have been the only owner of this excellent unit since purchase in about 1997. Mid-last year I invested $440 in significant maintenance, repairs and upgrade, not just to achieve sonic excellence, but to ensure it will last for another 20 years. (Work was done by acclaimed technician, William Crampton at Factory Audio in Canberra – see statement of
  8. Hi howarehugh, Thanks for your enquiry. I wasn't intending to ship these. But regardless, these are sold pending pickup. Kind regards, David
  9. Further information: About these speakers, Robert J. Reina from Stereophile Magazine said, "The flawless and exceptional Silver RS6 gave me more listening pleasure than any other loudspeaker I have reviewed for Stereophile. In my more than 20 years of reviewing, I have not reviewed an audio component that produced greater sound quality per dollar than Monitor Audio's Silver RS6." And if that isn't enough, then here is what Thomas at Thomas & Stereo has to say: I am selling these in order to fund the purchase of a new amp but I must say it is with cons
  10. Wow. That is some seriously useful advice! I'll definitely go to Bunnings and get those bolts. Thanks a lot. And regarding your cold, dead fingers, I really hope it doesn't come to that, but after reading some reviews of Aslan's Austral speakers, I don't think I can be held responsible for the extreme things I may do to get hold of some! ?
  11. I don't suppose there are any Stereonet members who want to sell me a pair of Andrew's speakers? ?
  12. Hi Cloth, Photo of rear attached. And in my original post I put up one of the rear of the driver through the rear bass port. David
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