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  1. Wow. That is some seriously useful advice! I'll definitely go to Bunnings and get those bolts. Thanks a lot. And regarding your cold, dead fingers, I really hope it doesn't come to that, but after reading some reviews of Aslan's Austral speakers, I don't think I can be held responsible for the extreme things I may do to get hold of some! 😆
  2. I don't suppose there are any Stereonet members who want to sell me a pair of Andrew's speakers? 😧
  3. Hi Cloth, Photo of rear attached. And in my original post I put up one of the rear of the driver through the rear bass port. David
  4. Hi Andrew, Thanks for emerging from your slumber to clarify this matter. I hope you don't mind! At least through this odd process of investigation I've learnt more about specialist Australian loudspeaker manufacturers. My only regret is finding out that you no longer do it. But it sounds like you've found a special part of the world to hibernate, so good on you! Kind regards, David
  5. The only thing remaining that doesn't seem to make sense is that the 'feet' under the speakers are simple lathed wood pucks that are floating, not attached. In this state I don't feel it is a finished, commercially saleable product. If it is indeed an Aslan product, perhaps it is an early prototype. The other thing is that in all the photos I can find of Aslan speakers, they use more than three drivers and most have ribbon tweeters, in both respects unlike mine. Does anyone have an email address for Andrew? I certainly don't want to hound him, but if they are from him, then I'd love to ask him about them... David
  6. Hi Sub Sonic, Thanks for the tip. I looked at their website and there are definitely some similarities between the shape of mine and theirs. But they seem to use a powered sub in all their designs. So I don't think it is them. Cheers for helping out. David
  7. Hi Peter, I hadn't noticed those serial numbers on the surrounds until I posted the photos! Yes, I see the surrounds are designed to support Vifa drivers. I also found an image of a D25AG3506 Vifa tweeter, which looks like the one in the speakers. David
  8. I bought a pair of floor-standing speakers from a gentleman in Sydney a month ago. I was intrigued by their mystery (the owner thought they may have been built in Newcastle, Australia), size (H 120cm, W 48cm, D 50cm), shape (trapezoidal), cabinetry (excellent) and novelty factor (high), so I snapped them up. Since then I've had to locate them at my parents' house because I simply don't have the room (!) so I've not spent much time listening to them. They are unbranded and have no other distinguishing features. I tried to remove the drivers by removing the socket head cap screws and prying them out but they didn't budge, and I was scared to damage the beautiful woodwork. I shone my torch in the rear bass port and could see the back of the 10" woofer but there were no recognisable markings (see photo). The feet are actually lathed wooden pucks and are not fixed to the cabinets. The woofers are 10" and 5" and are made of a kind of fabric impregnated with paint or resin. (Apologies for the flash in the photo of the 5" woofer - the photo makes it look like the dust cap is turned in, but it is the same shape construction as the 10") The tweeter cap looks like a smooth metallic dome. Can anyone tell me where they may have been built and/or by whom? I'd really like to learn more about them! Thanks, David
  9. The 8000A has a 2.0mV input sensitivity, so does that mean I don't have to worry about the gain and watts output as you mention? For the record, I'm using the 8000A as a pre-amp and running it to a 8000P power amp, with Monitor Audio Silver RS6 (120w) speakers.
  10. Hi Andy, Thanks for your excellent reply. The only thing that confuses me is your last point. The EH cart has a 2mV output and the MM has 2mV input sensitivity. The EH cart has a suggested loading of 47kohms and the MM has an impedance of 47kohms So it looks to me that it is a good match. What purpose would a headamp serve in this instance? Thanks for your help! David
  11. Thanks for the advice, Citroen. It seems that there are way more variables than I thought regarding cartridges. I guess if I at least choose a cartridge that suits the loading of my amp then I can focus on factors other than that, in the pursuit of good sound.
  12. Hi All, Just my second post, so excuse any fumbles I make re forum etiquette! I've used a couple of Technics SL1200mk2's for years but now I've decided to modify one to bring it up to a better standard of sound (external PSU built by Will at Factory Audio in Canberra, the Wand Plus (NZ) tonearm and a new mat, feet etc.). But, having no real experience with cartridges beyond the DJ-standard Ortofon Concordes, I am struggling to choose my first decent cartridge! I read great reviews of the Hana EL LOMC when mounted on the Wand, so I bit the bullet and placed an order for one of these carts. However, I've since read about the need for matching the relative impedance of the cart to the loading of the amp and I'm worried I've made a poor decision. (I have tried to learn about loading etc but I'm not yet fully grasping the issue!) I am using my recently serviced Audiolab 8000A, with its MC phono stage with a 100ohm loading. However, the Hana EL has an impedance @ 1khz of 30ohms, with a suggested load of >400 ohms. My questions: What is the consequence of this mismatched load rating? If this is indeed a poor choice, would I be better off going with the Hana EH and running it through the MM stage? Any other thoughts about a choice for my first cartridge? Many thanks for your help in advance! David
  13. Oh, and thanks also to Bisguittin! Interesting name!
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