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  1. Sorry for the confusion it is a Cirkus - i upgraded to the Karousel and put the parts in the box. The Cirkus had very little use before being upgraded.
  2. Further information: The Mavros XLR uses the very highest quality ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) copper manufactured using the OCC ‘Ohno Continuous Cast’ technique. The manufacture of Mavros maximises the copper’s conductivity by ensuring that there is typically one grain in approximately 125 metres of conductor, allowing the signal a continuous unbroken path – in practice, the signal has a faster, cleaner and more direct path to follow. Atlas use cold-weld terminations wherever possible. By reducing the number of materials and break points in the signal path, the objective is
  3. Further information: Clarity Pro is a whole system enhancer that uses Russ Andrews' Coherence Technology which is a feature of the ClarityMains units. Clarity Pro differs from ClarityMains by improving the fidelity of the audio and video signals it is positioned close to (ClarityMains, on the other hand, is designed to work specifically on the mains supply). When powered up, the Clarity Pro radiates a small electromagnetic field into the environment. It's this 'wave' which, the manufacturers claim, helps to neutralise noise in audio circuits. Under test the improvements were s
  4. Further information: Norse 2 Series interconnects deliver a level of performance not previously possible at their price points. Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament construction, first introduced on the legendary Valhalla reference cables, creates a virtual air dielectric complete with an elegantly engineered suspension system. When combined with silver-plated OFC solid core conductors and FEP insulation throughout, the result is the ideal electrically and mechanically controlled construction for ultra-fast, low-loss signal transfer. Optimized conductor dimensions significantly
  5. Further information: Connecting your audio components with a pure noise-free signal path, Core UEF interconnects give you the life-like musical realism you demand from your system. And with uncompromising quality hand built in California, state-of-the-art materials combine with the latest SR technology to transform the way you experience music. Photos:
  6. Further information: The improved bearing and stronger sub-chassis arrangement provides the turntable with greater stability and ensures the bearing sits perfectly true to the chassis of the turntable. This in turn minimises the risk of turntable platter movement with respect to the sub-chassis and arm - even the slightest movement will introduce audible degradation to the reproduced signal. Together the changes to the bearing and the sub-chassis make an enormous difference to the overall performance of the turntable. Photos:
  7. Further information: The ETI HDMI cable boasts an enviable signal transfer of over 21.8gb/s bandwidth and a Unique Rhodium plated connector. With silver plated copper conductors, nitrogen injected to prevent oxidisation, the ETI Quiessence HDMI is a cable that will maximise the quality of your viewing and listening experience! NOTE: 3m version (pictured) available under seperate listing. Photos:
  8. Further information: The ETI HDMI cable boasts an enviable signal transfer of over 21.8gb/s bandwidth and a Unique Rhodium plated connector. With silver plated copper conductors, nitrogen injected to prevent oxidisation, the ETI Quiessence HDMI is a cable that will maximise the quality of your viewing and listening experience! NOTE: 1.8m version (pictured) available under seperate listing. Photos:
  9. Further information: DH Cones are ceramic stands which enhance your audio system by minimising sound vibrations and distortions to your stereo equipment. DH cones are made of high-tech ceramic material, often used in space shuttles and advanced military rockets. Photos:
  10. Further information: The MiniZaps promise to upgrade your system's sound by reducing noise. Unassuming looking connectors, they slot in between your interconnects and your equipment, and promise to absorb "very high frequency noise". Photos:
  11. Further information: This Audio Principe Digital Interconnect is constructed using coaxial cable with a specific impedance of 75 ohms. As with all Audio Principe interconnects, the internal wire is made in the USA, and all solder joints use 2% silver solder. The solid centre conductor is 23AWG oxygen-free copper, protected by foamed HDPE dielectric providing high Vp and minimal absorption. The double layer high density shield consists of braided plated copper strands surrounding a 100% coverage aluminium foil. The RCA connectors are low mass Neutriks with gold-plated solid pin and
  12. Further information: Dutch cable specialist Crystal Cable designs and manufactures the thinnest high-end wires possible from one of Europe’s most ambitious R&D laboratories. Its philosophy of less is more, is echoed throughout the audio community and to this end, all Crystal Cables are painstakingly designed to extract maximum resolution and ultimate neutrality. This interconnect cable from Crystal Cable will influence your complete system! It will offer excellent performance and carries a strong recommendation especially for portable DAC like Astell & Kern. The h
  13. Further information: The effect of the Ansuz Sparkz can easily be heard on nearly any audio system. They effectively lower the noise floor and by doing so improves the dynamic headroom in the music. Every note will appear clearer on a darker background. When used in an A/V system you will also see the effect on your screen – better contrast and fewer grains. Photos:
  14. Further information: The Mainz A8 is an industry leading Ground distribution unit with 8 dedicated mains outlets and features an extremely low impedance star grounding system and NSC, which is a coil technology that very efficiently suppresses electrical noise. Photos:
  15. Further information: Unsurpassed digital audio sound output from WireWorld's highest quality cable. Exceptional clarity, wide soundstage and musical 3D imaging. The ultimate DNA Helix digital cable with carbon fibre plugs and the finest conductor available - OCC Solid Silver. Platinum Starlight elevates the art of digital audio reproduction with truly authentic tone and enhanced musical expression. Specifications: • DESIGN: Tri DNA Helix • SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: 24AWG | 0.2 sq. mm - Ohno Continuous Cast Solid silver • INSULATION: Composilex 2 • PLUG
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