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  1. Happy Halloween, Gold 10 year anniversary of livin in the 70s lp spinning. Horror Movie in the list as well as a couple of live versions that were not issued on the first press.
  2. Great post Kevin. Love your ability to appreciate such a diverse range of music.
  3. Posting for the first time so please be patient. Let me know if this has been posted correctly. Received a couple of these limited white presses of 'North East Party House's' album, Shelflife. Usually not a huge fan of Electro/Rock, however a friend introduced me to one song of this album and impressed by the others. I believe that there is only 200 of these limited ones out there. Also a nice heavy press that plays well.
  4. Hi, Ryan from Darwin here, i'm a co owner of Darwins dedicated record shop. Keen to bring darwins musical talent to the world and dive deeper into the audiofile world.
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