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  1. Thanks afa and muriwai. I haven't seen the globalsources.com website before, has a lot on it! I've been looking for some floor standing speakers, that's why these caught my eye. They really do look like a clone/copy, but I just don't know B&W well enough to see if they are the same as the 800 series speakers.
  2. I recently saw this Gumtree listing simply as “Hifi Speaker” (https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mooroobool/speakers/hifi-speaker/1266068812). Not being familiar with Bowers & Wilkins, I initially thought they were some B&W 800 series speakers. But the last photo shows the make and model as S-BACH, T-12. My Google Woo is weak on this one, anyone have any knowledge of these speakers?
  3. There are a pair for sale in Cairns. Unfortunately I just noticed they are "local pick up only". The ad also says they still have the original packing boxes, so they may be worth a shot? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mooroobool/speakers/magnepan-mg-3-7r-speaker/1255319634
  4. I live in Cairns, so it is probably closer to 1600km (Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba or Brisbane). Here we just have the usual JB, and the Good Guys level of audio. There have been a few speakers listed locally on gumtree, like some Magnepan 3.7s (not sure I would like them + a bit spendy), and some Spendor A2's (too small for my room). So at some point I'll have to take a leap of faith and buy sight unseen, that's why new or if used at least from a reputable audio store may be the way to go.
  5. I’m so tempted by these, I’ve been looking for some large floor standing speakers. There isn’t a decent hi-fi shop within a 1000km of where I live, and these are only 350 km away. But to buy sight unseen? I’ll ponder on this...
  6. In Australia tax (GST) is included in the price as it is law*. In the U.S. they don't have to show taxes included in their advertised price, and remember they have state, county, local (city) taxes. added to the final price. This is why it is very hard to compare prices with the U.S. *Though when looking for speakers in the last few weeks, I did find one well known online dealer who had a price displayed, and when you went to the checkout it added GST to the final price ?
  7. I don’t want to be that person who farts in the elevator and walks out, leaving others to deal with it, but… There is a difference between an hypothesis and a theory, they are not interchangeable. What many here are talking about is an hypothesis.
  8. When I was a young pup sometime in the ‘90s, I saw an ad for a local hi-fi shop, so wandered down as I wanted some bookshelf speakers. I was amazed at what was on display, this place wasn’t the usual white goods store that sold electrical equipment that I was used to. I was automatically attracted to the items with the highest price tags, if stuff was this expensive I thought it must be good- right? I ended up talking to this bloke standing next to me in paint spattered overalls (apparently he was painting his new shop). Well this bloke really knew his stuff, he directed me away fr
  9. And if you go deep enough, you can hit the mythical 'brown note' ?
  10. On a bit of a tangent, but relevant to moving large speakers. Years ago I had a second job in Sydney doing office and warehouse removals. One tip to move heavy office furniture around was to use cheap bath mats. I picked up some for $2 each, get the ones that are nylon on top and rubber underneath. When you flip them over the top is very slippery on wooden floors, and the rubber stops things sliding off (and remember push from as low as you can, so things don't topple over).
  11. Hi Graz, sorry about the delay in replying- I just noticed the 'notification' function. have been looking for a second hand pair of Apogees, I've seen a few sets of Centaur Minors, but would really like a larger model. I'm in Cairns so transport here will be a consideration.
  12. I finally have the time, and more importantly, the space - to set up a nice hi-fi system. Previously I had a set of Apogee Centaur Minors, but would love to find a pair of Calipers, or Duetta speakers (and then down the rabbit-hole of amplification).
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