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  1. On a bit of a tangent, but relevant to moving large speakers. Years ago I had a second job in Sydney doing office and warehouse removals. One tip to move heavy office furniture around was to use cheap bath mats. I picked up some for $2 each, get the ones that are nylon on top and rubber underneath. When you flip them over the top is very slippery on wooden floors, and the rubber stops things sliding off (and remember push from as low as you can, so things don't topple over).
  2. Hi Graz, sorry about the delay in replying- I just noticed the 'notification' function. have been looking for a second hand pair of Apogees, I've seen a few sets of Centaur Minors, but would really like a larger model. I'm in Cairns so transport here will be a consideration.
  3. I finally have the time, and more importantly, the space - to set up a nice hi-fi system. Previously I had a set of Apogee Centaur Minors, but would love to find a pair of Calipers, or Duetta speakers (and then down the rabbit-hole of amplification).
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