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  1. My current musical equipment consists of a 1963 Fender Duo Sonic, a 1965 Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville, 1995 Japanese Fender Jazzmaster, upgraded Korean Epiphone Casino, 1964 Harmony archtop, Gretsch New Yorker archtop, 2009 Jayson Elazzi Hauser-style concert guitar, Yamaha 200N silent classical guitar, Concord Mohan Veena, Godden sympathetic harp guitar, scale changer harmonium, male and baby tambouras, Fender Princeton reverb amp, Shure SM57s & 58s, AKG P170s, Allen & Heath 24 channel analogue desk
  2. Hello, I'm a Sydney based musician and audiophile, who is particularly interested in vintage guitars and amps.
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