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  1. The amp was serviced by Chris at Kimil and now sounds amazing. Incredible beautiful midrange. All knobs and buttons working and absolutely silent. Through the Klipsch ForteIII its a very appealing presentation.
  2. I Have a 540A which was just successfully repaired by Chris at Kimil Electronics in Sydney for the same issue. It cost me about $150 and now works perfectly.
  3. Thanks everyone - the original owner has found three more 50CA10 which is optimistic. I’ll let you know how I go.
  4. Thanks - the original owner says he might have a box of 50CA10 tubes somewhere so I see if that turns up and if not - off to Rage (should they be interested!)
  5. Thanks very much. Do you know anyone who does this around Sydney?
  6. I have been gifted a Luxman sq38fd. From original owner bought in the 1970s. It has some problems and I wanted to know if people think it’s worth going down the rabbit hole of repairs. 1. strong burning smell when turned on and one 50CA10 valve glows like the fires of hell. 2. volume switch crackling 3. Stereo / mono switch just cuts out sound occasionally. 4. it has new preamp valves - woohoo! so I am asking cause I don’t know the endpoint an amp like this gets to. I want to use it with my Klipsch Forte III speakers. If it’s a magical sound and the right repairs g
  7. Hi, I’m David. I like two channel audio, and car audio. I have my original first job stereo bought in 1993 (Rogers speakers and Rotel amp) and a newer stereo (audio research plinius and dynaudio)
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