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  1. Hi There, FYI, they are selling the amp at $2990. Retail price is around $3495.
  2. Sometimes, you can find bargain at grays online. They have some pretty good speakers on sales like PMC, Tannoy. Amplifiers like Rotel, Yamaha..Etc. around two years ago. On and off may have good stuff come up. But, u need to know the price and conditions etc...
  3. I am new to this site. Also interested and want to come over have a look. Am in Sydney.
  4. Good luck. I am also looking for one, AS1100 or AS2100.
  5. Hi, I am a new member. Try to look for a amp to drive my Tannoy XTF8. Yamaha AS series seems a good choice. Any suggestion? Anyone know when the new model As 1200 is on market? Anyone want to sell their AS amp. Thanks, Stephen
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