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  1. Hi guys, new member here. My wife and I are close to building our first home. I have a dedicated home theatre room approved 3.8m by 6m. 3m high ceilings and solid double doors to the side closer to the front so the doors don't swing into the seats. The plan is to have 2 rows of seating with a raiser at the back. I am thinking go big with the screen at around 160" in 16:9 format. I have a Krix 5.1.2 set up at the moment with a Onkyo TX SR555 reciever (will need to replace this as I plan on at least 9.2.4 eventually). I will go a false screen with my current speakers behind. The builder says for a room this size I will need at least a 3m wide window. Happy to hear feedback on window positioning. Long and higher horizontal window or try 2 vertically? I have been considering having 4 columns to house my bookshelf speakers. As for seats I am thinking 3 at the front and 4 out the rear but I haven't gone into detail on size and measurements or drawn up a plan yet (waiting on final approvals for finances and what my budget is for the room). The builder said they can put up the false wall but won't do the rear seat raiser. I am leaning towards having specialist home theatre guys work on the room from a shell if the budget allows. Reducing noise leaving the room is somewhat important as the room is close to out neighbour. A room within a room will likely not be an option as I don't want to lose too much of the room. I have the option of having a HT rack in storage near the bathroom. Option to mount the projector in a box in the garage for a greater throw distance and sound reduction. The projector I am considering is Benq W5700. We will have ducted air and heating. How much sound travels through the vents?
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