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  1. One of the main features for which I'm looking in an upgrade is DSP and adjustable EQ built into the powered bookshelf speakers, and the same built into the subs. Hopefully my system will look like this... (In fact, the KEF LSX bookshelves I have coming in supposedly have a high quality, onboard DAC. I'll do the requisite listening comparison, but that means I may even get rid of the separate DAC in the below diagram)... But am I missing something here? @Snoopy8 Is there some advantage to be gained by having a separate DSP unit feeding the subwoofer(s) that I'm not getting wi
  2. @davewantsmoore Thank you for your understanding the importance I place on practicality and aesthetics. I wish I had the luxury of sound quality above all else but I don't (sigh) and I have to keep my living space, you know... livable. Visual symmetry then becomes a big bonus! And also thank you for linking me to the article on the equal loudness contour! Super interesting, even though it's a bit over my head and I only understood 25% of what I read The upshot is that I now feel less 'guilty' having occasionally boosted lower octaves when listening, especially at low overall volum
  3. @DSD_Fan Thanks for the thoughts. I'm jealous that you have separate spaces for music and movies I unfortunately don't have that luxury, and feel I may have to prioritise one over the other. I spend more time listening to music, but I don't pay much attention to low bass because the bulk of what I listen to doesn't have much content below ~40Hz. However, when I'm watching movies I pay a lot of attention to the thuds, implosions, and sine waves when Sauron loses his finger. Therefore for low bass content I want to buy whatever works best for movies. I appreciate what you say about how your two
  4. Hello Everyone, and please go easy on me as this is my first ever topic started here Which type of subwoofer would you recommend for my 2.1 (or 2.2) setup, given my priorities and listening space: one ported box, or two sealed boxes? I'm looking to upgrade on my Velodyne SPL800, as it's sounding anemic in our new, larger place. Below you can see the setup. (Please excuse the photo, as we're still in the process of settling in and setting up the furniture. Soon those wires will be hidden, and the bookshelf speakers will actually be on the, erm... bookshelves!
  5. If you're already enjoying the sound from your A5's, then perhaps it's worth considering a pair of Audioengine HDP6's? - They fit your preference for passives - I've auditioned the HD6's (the active equivalent) and although they have a similar sound signature to the A5's, I thought they were a worthy upgrade... more dynamic, altogether sound 'bigger' - (I auditioned them in store, so the listening environment was nowhere near as challenging as yours so YMMV) A more significant upgrade would be something like a pair of KEF Q150's: - Theoretically because of how
  6. If the OP is still in the market for active speakers, then I totally agree with the process Tweaky stepped out above. I've learned lots, and have had a lot of fun, with the guys at Manny's / StoreDJ!
  7. I saw a pair of Audioengine HD6's from an ebay seller here in Sydney a week ago, but was too slow to buy them for myself. Hopefully you were the lucky one that grabbed them? If you get the chance please post your listening impressions... I'm in the market for something similar and would love to hear thoughts!
  8. Long time browser of this site, first time poster. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my own experiences with two channel audio in challenging settings. By "challenging" I mean small spaces with lots of hard and reflective surfaces (your typical CBD apartment!), a personal aesthetic that abhors visual clutter (randomly strewn black boxes and wires get the stink-eye from my wife!), and limited budget (of course). But more importantly I look forward to hearing views and advice from these forums. I've moved into a new place (with the exact same "challenges") and as I
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