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  1. Interested! I'll try PM'ing you now... Patience please. I'm a first time buyer on these forums
  2. That's my takeaway from the study. It seems that our brains are wired to pick up differences in bass tones (eg drums) more easily than differences in other, higher frequencies. I most definitely am not proposing other tones are less important. It just seems we have to work harder to appreciate them... which might actually mean they're MORE important. Because those of us listening to the higher-pitched frequencies are paying more attention and there to appreciate the quality
  3. Red Square, I completely agree. I am huge proponent of GOOD bass over MORE bass. Accurate, well-paced, nuanced bass always wins over 'boom' for me. Forgive my cheeky title to this thread - I'm fascinated there seems to be a physiological reason why most people (including myself) seem to have a more instantaneous, primal reaction to bass before they start to pay attention to all other frequencies in the spectrum.
  4. I came across this article and study today: Here's Why People Love Deep Bass Sounds In Music. I normally don't cite Huffington Post as a reliable source of information, but theirs is a much more readable summary of this original study from McMaster Institute. TL;DR rhythm in music is typically carried by bass instruments, and we love it, because it's easier for our brains to process and follow low-pitched tones. I'm comparing two pairs of speakers at home (to choose which ones get stay long term), and I'll post about it in these forums soon. The first thing I kept on noticing was the difference in how each handled low-mids and bass. This isn't to say that's the only thing I noticed, it just occurred to me that bass was the first thing I noted when I switched from one pair to the other. My wondering why led me to googling which led me to the articles above - and I thought others may find the insight interesting. Apologies if this has all been talked about before in these forums, or is general knowledge. I'm still a bit of a newbie here
  5. Looking good, Chris! Nonsense. I think being honest about your listening situation and habits, and not 'wasting' your gears' abilities when you're not going to pay attention to them, makes you just as much an 'audiophile' as anyone else. At least it does in my books. Admittedly I'm in the same compromise-filled situation, so my book is a little biased 🙃 I owned a pair of Audioengine A2's, first generation (same as yours I think), for over a decade, and I turned them on/off at the wall almost every day. I never experienced a problem. I also bought a pair of A5's (also first generation) a few years ago, and do the same thing powering them on/off at the wall. Same story, no problems. One thing I try to do, however, is make sure there's no signal going to them when I first turn them on. (I press play _after_566 I turn the speakers on.) I'm no electrician, so I have no idea if that actually helps or if I'm just being superstitious 🤞
  6. Thanks for the tip @deafenears The Rythmiks' dimensions and performance specs look good... but I'm having trouble finding a dealer here in Aus. Is there a place at which I can have an in-person look and audition? Visual order is important. Symmetry less so. All the stuff you see in that photo is temporary - we're still moving in / painting / renovating. I have an occasional desire to wear that giant clock around my neck and relive my Flavor Flav fandom days... 🙃
  7. No More Tears, by The KLF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqN0_1rrK2U I like this song for tuning / integrating my subs. The challenge is to get the extension and levels right so that: 1) You can hear the full range of oscillation between low- and ultra low-bass in the reggae bassline... 2) ... Without making anything else in the song (like the kick drum layered on top of the bassline) sound too boom-y 3) With the right amount of SPL's the laid back waves of bass induce motion sickness in your wife (true story!) 😜
  8. Thanks for the tip @Irek. At a quick glance, the overall dimensions of their cabinets don't work for my space. I'll try giving them a ring to see if they do custom enclosures. If not I'll definitely keep them in mind for future applications. Regardless, the fact that companies like this exist at all makes me happy 😁
  9. Is that an enclosure made out of lightweight composite, and a driver cone made of reinforced, inert wood?!? Are you mindh#cking with me?!? 🤪
  10. Yes, this thread has gone down some rabbit holes and I'm getting waaay more (valuable!) advice then I bargained for. Like listening to Keith Urban, I kinda hate it but I kinda love it 🙃 I really appreciate you, along with everybody else here, taking the time and sharing your experience and expertise. That's why my reply is going to end up being more epic (epicer?) - not because I'm trying to defend my decisions, but because I figure the more you know about my situation the more applicable your advice can be. So are you ready for a long one...? Strap yourself in, Gladys! It's encouraging to hear that the KEF's have decent onboard DACs! Fortunately my PC does have optical out. So the plan is to do some A/B testing between connecting the LSX's via optical -vs- via my Audioengine DAC and analog cable, and I'll keep whatever sounds better. Acknowledged re my dependence on the sub(s)' onboard DSP/EQ. This is again one of the reasons I'm drawn towards the SVS SB-2000 Pro's above its peers, as it _seems_ to have a more granular amount of adjustability. (Hopefully I can confirm this the next time I head to the store and do some auditioning and comparing.) Regardless, I may find whatever sub(s) I bring in won't have enough adjustability to sound 'correct' in my space. So I'm very willing to subsequently bring in some sort of mic + measurement and dsp hardware/software about which you, @gwurb, and others in this thread are starting to educate me. Or maybe the speakers' onboard adjustments will end up being enough for me, and I don't need to bother with any of that. If it means I'm satisfied with the sound, I'll count myself lucky and wear my "average punter" colours with pride 🤪 (By the way I've had junior chipmunk experience with this type of room correction, as my current Velodyne SPL800r has a built-in mic input and room correction function. It's been very useful, and fun to play with!) Trust me I confuse myself and revisit my plan every minute or three! It did dawn on me that I risk spending a disproportionate amount of money on the sub(s). First, remember that a good part of that $3200 on sub(s) is paying for their dedicated preamp and amplifier too. And if they have a decent enough EQ (a big if I know!) than the $3200 is also paying for the DSP. Second, ~$3000 seems like the price I have to pay to get that last half-octave of bass, as evenly distributed as possible, in my listening space. Even though I only listen at moderate levels, I'm learning that it takes a lot of driver + amp + enclosure capability (aka $$$) to play 20Hz at the same perceived, moderate level as the rest of the spectrum. (This is me flexing my newfound knowledge on equal loudness contours. Thanks again @davewantsmoore for the tip!) My own lived experience with my current set up kind of proves this 2:1 (subwoofer:bookshelves) spending ratio to be true. Over the past many years I found the best 'balance' for my Audioengine A5 bookshelves is my Velodyne SPL800r subwoofer, which cost twice as much. We're talking here like I'm set on buying a pair of SVS SB-2000 Pro's. I most definitely am not. If I had the time today (alas I don't, sigh) I'd go out to audition and compare/contrast: - a pair of the SVS's - a pair of KEF Kube 12b's (thanks to your tip, POV) - a pair of REL HT-1205's (thanks @Irek for the tip!) - whatever single ported box sub the salesperson can recommend, that fits my size constraints The advantage the latter three have over the SVS's is that they cost less, and therefore would afford me more money to spend on things like better mains, room correction, etc. My shiny, new LSX's arrived yesterday 😁 I know they're not the ideal speaker for my space, but below is the reason why I bought them. Keep in mind, as mentioned in my post, that my needs are (in order of priority): 1) Aesthetics and fit with the visual order of my living space 2) Listening to movies and music at moderate levels So why did I buy the KEF LSX's? - I covet the way KEF's latest bookshelves / standmounts sound. I know their signature sound is divisive, but I enjoy their warm, resonate-y tone. (At least I do in auditions at the store with its ideal listening environment. We'll see if I still feel this way in my more challenging space...) - Looks-wise, the LSX's in green and gold are the perfect size and fit for my living space. They're the first _ever_ bit of modern electronic kit to get a "Oooo those are cute. Why can't we put those on our shelves?" response from my wife - I'm already quite satisfied with how my Audioengine A5's fill my listening space, at my moderate ~85db listening levels. (I admit if I crank it above that the audio starts to fall apart. Tones get shrill, voices become harsh, cats run away screeching, etc.) Size-wise I expect the LSX's to do equally well at filling my space. (But again, we'll see...) - Most importantly, to make up for stuffing me around, a store here offered me a deal on the LSX's at a price I couldn't refuse 😁 - Once I hook up the LSX's I'll do some A/B comparison with the Audioengines. Hopefully they're a worthy upgrade and I'll hang on to them and eventually swap them for a pair of green and gold ones. (I could only get a deal on a white pair.) If they're not a worthy upgrade I'll sell them used and end up at break-even. Having said all that I'd _love_ to bring in a pair of LS50W's. I totally agree they'll give me more quality sound, at higher volume levels (should I ever want to go that high) in my space. So why haven't I bought them yet? - None of the colours in which they're currently offered excite me. The white and gold ones could kinda work in my space, but meh - They're too deep to fit in my bookshelves. I'd have to sit them on top of the TV bench which would somewhat violate aesthetics (but something I could overcome if they were in the right colour) - And sitting them on the TV bench may compromise audio quality (I'd have to angle them 5 to 10 degrees towards ears seated on the couch.) - Most importantly, nobody's yet offered me a pair at a price I can't refuse 😋 - But seriously, if after comparing them to my Audioengines I decide to get rid of my LSX's, the LS50W's will be the next candidate on the 'buy' list I see your experience and thoughtfulness, POV. And your input is very much appreciated!
  11. On my PC switching between music and movies is done purely through software: Video LAN player and streaming services like Disney+ for movies, and Winamp, WMP (old school!) and Spotify Premium streaming for music. All audio is currently output via USB to an Audioengine DAC. In my reading, I may have an issue with running DSP on my computer, as the USB audio may bypass any sound adjusting software. At which point I may switch to audio being output via Toslink optical. (But that may very well bypass DSP software too!) I won't really know until I try... And yes, agreed I can look into other upgrades to the PC itself. (But my first order of priority at the moment is still getting the speakers into place first.) Endless, this hobby is... 🙂
  12. I understand how this can be confusing (as I confuse myself plenty often!) as I do spend more time listening to music. But when it comes to reproducing low bass, I place a higher priority on doing it well for movie watching. Here's my attempt at a quasi-quantified explanation... ...Why I feel I need low bass output for only 20 minutes of music listening a week: - Take the system pictured in my original post, in happier days past when it was set up and positioned properly. In one given week I'd have music playing on it for a total of 10 hours - Of the 10 hours of music listening, I'd spend 9 of those hours doing other things at the same time (reading, chopping up food for dinner, stretching after a run, etc) and therefore not completely paying attention to the music, and definitely not noticing the depths of bass being plumbed - In that 1 hour of music listening in which I'm attentively _listening_ I'd say 40 minutes of that is listening to stuff that doesn't have much, if any at all, ultra low bass content below ~40Hz. Even in my larger space, my little Velodyne SPL800r does an admirable job of reproducing driving basslines with decent rhythm and impact above that point - It's only in that last 20 minutes a week of listening to music where I'd say to myself "gee I wish I could _feel_ Beethoven's contrabassoon" or "John William's timpani player has weak arms today" ...Why I feel it's more important to have low bass output for 2 hours of movie watching a week: - The same system in the same week would have movies/TV playing for a total of 6 hours - Of the 6 hours of movie watching, I'd still spend 3 hours doing other things at the same time, but because the medium requires my ears AND eyes it's harder for my attention to stray - In that remaining 3 hours of attentively watching movies, I'd say 1 hour of that is spent watching quieter fair like British murder mysteries (I'm old I know) - Which leaves me attentively watching 2 hours a week of escapist, action-driven fair (even worse because I'm old) where I really want to feel the thud of T-Rex's steps as he walks across my screen or the impact when the X-Wing gets torn apart by an explosion ...TL;DR I'm a chronic multitasker who doesn't pay enough damn attention, thus investing in new subwoofers purely for the few moments of joy when listen to music isn't enough. I need them to spend more time making my movies go 'boom' 🤪 But at the end of the day as @Snoopy8 mentioned, I don't think I need to compromise between movies OR music. From what I'm learning from this thread, with enough extension, power headroom, and EQ adjustability, I can set up ideal listening curves for both movies AND music 🤞 And I don't have my heart set on SVS subwoofers yet. They just happen to be familiar examples that I can compare in my 1 x ported box vs 2 x sealed box quandary. (Admittedly I agree with @spottie. In my own research and auditioning thus far I've found SVS to have the best specs / features / adjustability for the price.) So thank you @POV for your suggestions on the KEF's and REL's. I'm looking into them now, which means more research and auditioning before I commit... but that's half the fun of this hobby, no? 🙂
  13. @spottie Thanks for the tip. But for me WestCoast HiFi comes up as $1999 for the SB-2000 Pro's. Maybe I missed the sale, or they adjust prices according to location 🤔 Not a huge problem as I feel it may be a bit premature to commit to a pair of subs anyway - everything I'm learning on this thread has me diving back into researching my options and I foresee the need for an audition or two before I buy. Congrats on your purchase though! I eagerly await your report on how well going dual has gone for you 💪
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