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  1. While it may not be the solution you are looking for, if you are otherwise particularly attached to the headphones Audeze do sell a cable with a microphone built in. There are some alternative options if you go for other non-gaming cans (Modmic etc.) as well. Otherwise, GLWTS, jealous I can't snag these bad boys myself.
  2. A friend surprised me with a pair of Audeara A-01's - he took a notion to kickstart them and decided to get two. Turns out the company is just down the road from my work. Having never owned bluetooth headphones previous to them, I was quite surprised. They have an app which you use to take a hearing test, and based on the results you can apply a suggested profile (EQ) to address any hearing deficiencies you may have. I found the profile at 100% was not great, but at 50% really hit a sweet spot. They have come down in price in terms of what they wanted retail-wise (they were sorely
  3. Hi all, Doing the mandatory introduction as required - quite keen to get into the classified sections and check out some interesting equipment. Nowhere local to me in Brisbane sells anything of the more exotic variety. Current setup is just a JDS Labs Atom Amp into either a set of modified Monoprice Retro's/Fidelio X2-HR, with Edifier R1700BT as speakers (phenomenal value speakers). I had purchased a Topping D50s DAC from Drop a while ago, but unfortunately it was lost in shipping - so I've opted to just stick with my motherboard DAC for now. Currently eyein
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