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  1. And that's fair enough. I joined because I was keen for someone else to choose some music I wouldn't ordinarily think of or choose. Touch of mystery and surprise if you will. Horses for courses and all that. As long as you enjoy what you do, have at it 😀
  2. Quick update: I joined www.waxxlyrical.com Sunday evening. Had a really nice email exchange with Ben (who I believe is the owner). Today I received my first album- Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice. Now I know nothing about them so I am excited to give it a whirl. the album arrived well packaged as you would expect with a couple of info cards and QR code’s to scan for interviews and articles. There was a nice touch of a hand written welcome note. It’s the little things anyway. 10 out of 10 so far for Ben and Anita at WaxxLyrical. cheers chris
  3. Good to know. Cheers. yeah, sometimes postage within Australia is the biggest challenge
  4. Thanks for this. They look interesting. I shall be going through their catalogue for sure.
  5. Good to know on the shipping side of things. I guess around $50 isn’t bad. As you say seems to be the average for a decent album anyway. Only downside is being at the mercy of the US/AUD exchange rate. appreciate the info. Cheers
  6. Yeah was picking up that Jack White is a firm favourite when I had a look at the site just now. I have plumped for an initial two subscriptions: https://theretro.co.uk/ https://www.waxxlyrical.com/ I shall see how these go. Happy to report back if anyone is keen on feedback. it’s been a bit of an eye opener actually. Although unsurprising, I guess, it is interesting to see there are quite a few of these services around.
  7. I’ve gone for it. never know unless you try I suppose. I will report back.
  8. Ooh I like the look of this. Have you subbed? it appears there are quite a few options out there. Who knew
  9. That’s an interesting concept. How has the shipping been since COVID?. I have found stuff from the US is taking much longer than say Europe.
  10. Cool stuff. I shall check them out. Cheers What's your current experience in shipping from the US? COVID seems to have made shipping times crazy from the US as compared to my experience from Europe at the moment. Interested to hear your experience.
  11. My googling has uncovered Waxx Lyrical which is Aussie based and has what seems to be a reasonable subscription plan with no lock in. I will give it a whirl and see how it goes and report back
  12. I am thinking about whether to subscribe to an online record club. I kind of like the idea of being introduced to music I may never consider. does anyone have any thoughts, favourites or suggestions of which ones to take a peek at ? appreciate the collective thoughts in advance. cheers chris
  13. Yeah I have a 150 mk2 and a 165. I have built my own plinths and changed tonearm from stock. Although the 150 does have a Grace 707/f8 combo which is “period” I believe. I have an RB300 and Garrett p77 on the 165. I did the vinyl nirvana spring upgrade/ replacement on the 165. Need to get round to doing it for the 150. I did install a NOS motor on the 150 and that made a huge difference too Had a couple of new lids made and they look very pretty indeed. They don’t sound half bad either you are right. They are a bit fiddly but a lot of fun to tweak. They seem to have ris
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