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  1. I hope I can pick the collective brains for some ideas along side my extensive googling..... I have a Thorens TD165mk2 which I recently purchased. It all runs smoothly and ticketyboo other than it will not spin up to 45 no matter what. 33/3 no problem at all. When I select 45 the belt (which I understand to be new and looks correct) does not locate at the top of the spindle but sits just under the lip of the larger /top part of the spindle. If I manually move the belt to the top of the spindle and then power up it will run (albeit not at 45 but hovers around 40) when I repeat the process with the platter located after moving the belt and then starting it up, again it goes to about 40 ish but when a record is placed on the platter the belt always comes off the pulley and sub platter. The motor is dead silent and looks to be running true. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you in advance cheers chris
  2. Thanks mate. Really pleased with it. Custom dust cover is on its way too.
  3. Thanks all. I ended up spending the money and getting the Isoacoustic Gaia III. Couldn't be happier. fitted to the new plinth they really tighten things up. It sounds amazing. Excuse the poor quality photo .....
  4. thanks @Mr Thorens Given your name I my pick your brains some more further down the line
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. after some research and wallet digging I think the isoacoustic Gaia III will do the trick. cheers chris
  6. @Hydrology thanks mate. no, not unsure of spending in the first place. I am unsure of the sense in spending over $300 on feet. I get the issue of isolation but IMHO there is a diminishing return when I am not building a thoroughly acoustically treated environment. I do however thoroughly appreciate you recommendation and will check them out. thank you. @deblur Thanks mate. Appreciate the advice on the fake sorbothane from Amazon. cheers chris
  7. Hi, Looking for some recommendations on turntable isolation feet. I am looking to "tweak" a Thorens 150mk2 and 165mk2. I am not sure I am ready to layout $300 upwards for a set of four. I am building a couple of new plinths. One in Walnut and the other in Camphor Laurel so they do need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Don't really mind the material they are made for as long as they do the job. appreciate help and advice in advance. cheers Chris
  8. Hi there, My name is Chris and I live in QLD. I have been a hifi enthusiast all my life (I wouldn't say audiophile) Currently I have a couple of systems on the go. System 1 Rega planar 2 - RB220 /Nagaoka MP110 Mission Cyrus One HD Acoustic Energy AE300 System 2 Thorens TD150MK2 - Grace 707/Grace F8 Sansui AU666 or AU6500 depending on how I feel Kef Coda III and Heybrook HB1 Keen to do a rebuild/ renovation on the Thorens so hopefully can pic ka few brains in this group. appreciate the add and look forward to exchanging notes/ideas cheers chris
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