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  1. Sorted the peg situation....so many to choose from
  2. Hi all, Just received some fabulous condition JBL L100 Centurys. However one was damaged in transit. I have attached a pic for reference. I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of someone who could repair the cabinet ( I am in QLD- Brisbane) and if there is somewhere that does spare plastic grill "spigots" fingers crossed in anticipation cheers chris
  3. Yeah that was my thought too. I shall investigate further. Cheers Colin
  4. Quick update for those following along...... The genuine Thorens belt turned up today so with much excitement and anticipation slipped it on, switched to 45 and measured the RPM. Lo and behold a magical 45 RPM ( with a bit of margin for error). played a couple of 45s and then back to 33 RPM whereupon it now runs fast!!!! Around 37 RPM. Turns out the belt doesn't seat as low as it should when returend the the 33 position. Not the end of the world as I can manually adjust the belt for 33 where I couldn't for 45. The joys of vintage eh!
  5. Hey people, I am looking for recommendations on a Rega armboard for the Thorens TD165. I am looking at an RB300. There are a few options out there and was hoping someone could give some thoughts on quality etc of the various options based on experience. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions. cheers chris
  6. I have played around with the suspension settings, along with putting a twist in the belt, I have managed to get it to spin up to 45. However, far from consistent as it still slips off the top more often than it stays put and spin correctly. I have a genuine Thorens belt on way so lets see if that makes the difference. cheers chris
  7. doh...good point. thanks mate. Logically that is what I would have done of course. Not enough coffee I did put a twist in and it didnt seem to alter the outcome cheers chris
  8. quick update. I have run some tests using @Doppelganger suggestions. it appears the belt "slips" off the top of the pulley when the platter is in place. which I assume means that I need to adjust the springs to be tighter so as to not allow quite so much "drop" when the platter is put on. I will try to sort the depth issue out later today and let you know if I solved the problem
  9. @Doppelganger thanks mate. Fabulous advice. I shall try that out and let you know how I go. I assume the azimuth issue is one of trial and error as the pulley looks to be dead straight and the platter level. I have tried to research if there is an optimum height for the platter to be off the chassis/plate and read 6mm. Does this sound correct? I do have a genuine Thorens belt on way for my other deck so I shall try that too. Although the current belt does look right I hear what you are saying about after market ones thanks again. cheers chris
  10. I hope I can pick the collective brains for some ideas along side my extensive googling..... I have a Thorens TD165mk2 which I recently purchased. It all runs smoothly and ticketyboo other than it will not spin up to 45 no matter what. 33/3 no problem at all. When I select 45 the belt (which I understand to be new and looks correct) does not locate at the top of the spindle but sits just under the lip of the larger /top part of the spindle. If I manually move the belt to the top of the spindle and then power up it will run (albeit not at 45 but hovers around 40) when I repeat the process with the platter located after moving the belt and then starting it up, again it goes to about 40 ish but when a record is placed on the platter the belt always comes off the pulley and sub platter. The motor is dead silent and looks to be running true. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you in advance cheers chris
  11. Thanks mate. Really pleased with it. Custom dust cover is on its way too.
  12. Thanks all. I ended up spending the money and getting the Isoacoustic Gaia III. Couldn't be happier. fitted to the new plinth they really tighten things up. It sounds amazing. Excuse the poor quality photo .....
  13. thanks @Mr Thorens Given your name I my pick your brains some more further down the line
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