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  1. A quick follow up: I ordered both M8 1.0 TP and 5/16 24 TPI bolts and the latter definitely doesn't fit the counterweight stub. The M8 1.0 TP bolt fits perfectly, thank you very much!
  2. Sansui SR-212 is a bottom of the line model from a manufacturer that was never known for its turntables. Technics SL-1200 is basically indestructible and very easy to setup. Thorens TD-160 is a fine turntable but a major PITA to setup, in my opinion. TD-125 is a cult classic, its suspension is also a bit easier to setup than the TD-160. This would be my choice of all the models you mentioned. I'm not familiar with the Luxman or the Era.
  3. Thanks a mil! I thought it could be something with nonstandard pitch...
  4. Thanks for the welcome! We live not far from Artane, in Raheny - I like this corner of the city!
  5. I like my SP10 mk2 as well 🙂 It replaced my heavily modded Lenco (with a hardwood plinth, expensive aftermarket bearing etc.) and I couldn't be happier. The craziest thing is that I spent more on getting the Lenco fettled than I spent on my Technics, yet the Technics is in a different league sonically. Mine is an ex-BBC unit (SP10 mk2 P/L) that I fixed myself and converted to a regular/domestic spec to get rid of the ugly BBC control box. I was very lucky to find a replacement logic board on eBay...
  6. Hi! Can you please tell me the size of the bolt? Is it M8? I have the same problem - the counterweight on my Lustre Soundtracer is not heavy enough to balance my headshell/cartridge combination on its own. I tried a couple of machine screws I have lying around but none fit the sub weight thread (M7 is too small and M9 is too large, unfortunately I don't have any M8 bolts to test it).
  7. Hi, Long time lurker and first time poster! I live in Dublin, Ireland and my current system is mostly geared towards vinyl. I hope to find some useful advice and interesting conversations here 🙂
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