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  1. Gaz - thx for reply, hope I did not come across as a dick for asking. I am super tempted but just picked up a Syrinx and have my Ittok in for service. Love to add this to my collection. I will see how business goes for me and get back to you if I can. Hope for now this will serve as a bump for you. Cheers! Adam
  2. Looks LOVELY! Is the anti skate weight also included (I do not see in photos). Cheers! Adam
  3. Thx Andy, Portland is a pretty cool city, all for the protests and hope for no one hurt. Most of all hope for some real change. Am spending more time at home with stereo which is nice, I have a brother in Mornington down the peninsula from you. I also recognize that turntable in your photo from other forums. Small world. Eagerly awaiting my 774 to arrive and working on sourcing some Titainium tubing for some fun and games. cheers!
  4. Noticed quite a bit of LP12 and also Mission 774 chatter going on here from time to time so wanted to take a look!
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