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  1. Good Tonearm so all good Carts are in play! Moving Coil needs a dedicated MC pre amplification either build into the Amplifier or a Cambridge dedicated Phono amp with MM/MC inputs.
  2. To get the swirls out use brasso and a soft fabric Fisk in a (battery) drill and with plenty of it the acrylic will come up as new It is messy but..... Good you did get the loop and you should consider the Max 5gram digital stylus scale also on eBay to set up your TT
  3. Re the topic of hard and soft wood. I came across an old sewing machine table in delapidated state was made in 1937! Striped it and refurbed it with just a linseed oil coating after a long process. thick veneer panels and solid hardwood Legs and trimming. Took out the cast iron spring assembly and left all the rest of the history there. Absolute stunning piece of HI FI furniture. They do not make furniture like this anymore and people cannot see the quality! My Elac miracoid 610 is just looking so right on it. The others are a Rotel and Sanyo with both the Micro Seiko S.H.clock motors in them. Synchronous Hysteresis Clock motors designed for accuracy plus operates noiseless and soundless. Specific drive motors for accurate clocks! Very interesting articles are on the net!
  4. Found a Garrand Syncro-Lab 75 Transcriptor Turntable and a Scandinavian Radio Transmission TT in a job lot The SRT did have a B&O 1000 cover and turntable mat and scope on it which threw me off for a minute. Garrand is running again after a few hous of renovations Even has got a Shure 31E cart in it! The SRT will be a BIG project indeed. Pics shortly.
  5. Found these solid Teak stands for putting my TT,s on and storage for DVD,cd, etc. With some other gear Know can play 4 turntables on one Amplifier (Cynernet CR 110) it has 2 Phono inputs plus an extra switch block.
  6. A few weeks ago this little beauty became for sale and I could not help myself, Had to have it! Now full rebuild has been completed (It was in a very good state) Monarch SA80 with internal power transistors (re-bonded on Heat-sinks ) unlike the other SA60 who are mounted on the back outside for cooling! In the background you can see the Klipsch Cornwalls and these amps are capable of powering these very nicely!
  7. Update! Somehow a set of Leonard Speakers ,Made by Onkyo, and another Monarch SA 60 Solid State amp was in a garage sale! Somehow I did manage to acquire these items! The Monarch amp is exactly the same as my Goldring SA60 other than the face plate being black instead of silver! These items are about to be delivered and will post pics of these rare classics!
  8. maybe an idea to put a Multimeter (Ohms reading) on the posts of each and record the reading of each! for sales purposes!
  9. You can not beat Klipch Cornwalls! These will go with me Down under where the sun does not shines! Another set to consider is a set of Missions 770S if you can find them or the BIG AR 10 set!
  10. Sound track of Jurassic Park where the big beast is about to come out of the Forrest representing his footsteps before you see him appear! It will shake your intestines playing it loud.
  11. Klipsch Heresy all the way! Smaller version of Cornwalls!
  12. MagnaFox used to make "HiFi" speakers that were put in limited series HMF Cabinet stereo sets with AM radio and a wheel driven HMF "Spectre 80" branded sets. There were many others like the one I have got (Resqued from the side of the road. The soeakeker boxes and the cabinets were very well made by crafts men and unless water has touched them they polish up like new.
  13. Audio Technica have been around for decades. And looking at my array of carts, it must I like AT carts. I run a AT Moving Coil 3100XE in my Thorens It has been going for at least 3 decades! An Audio Dynamics 220X with a original stylus in my Rotel and have a new O/S Nord 530 Swiss replacement Stylus as well for it. An AT3600L, + AT-XP5 DJ in my DJ - TT. Have more different brands of Carts all in their own Head-shells and so one can try out which one goes best on what Table! It is fun to have a play! Sadly some of the older TT's have a old Phillips Headshell arrangement , so far have not managed to get a spare. When one gets older sadly the hearing deteriorates a bit so, stay objective to what you hear and not the figures on the spec sheets!
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