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  1. Well I have a as new B&O 4002 in White with original Instruction manual here at home. And no need to powder coat or anodise the arm nor the pushbuttons due to wear! {This is why they did it in principal and to make it stand our} What is that worth all of a sudden? Did have the 6000 in brown as well {Quadrophonic } with the correct cart but someone had to have it. It is goneski!
  2. Rubarb Records can help you out situated in Victoria Park Also has a brilliant repairer of anything HiFi they can refer you to
  3. For Those who like B&O 4000 priced at $11.000- Bang & Olufsen restores and updates 1970s turntable classic By Paul Ridden October 08, 2020 Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn B&O has recovered and restored 95 original Beogram 4000 series turntables, added a few modern touches, and is now putting them up for sale B&O VIEW 4 IMAGES Though digital music consum
  4. The turntable I got has the special Arm on it that was an option. And for their time an Australian or 2 had a go. But I get the sarcastic undertone. I refrain from reacting any further
  5. Please do post a picture of your JH/Sircon turntable
  6. Just picked up the same Amp that sat for 30+ years in a leaky shed together with a Pioneer PL25 Idled drive TT Bit of ork, lots of cleaning and they are performing again! Amplifier is pure Solid State and crowded with caps, resistors etc Even has a protection circuit board in it , one of the very first. Sweet sounding amplifier which also has a breakable Pre Amp/ Power amp I will pair this with a Dick Smith Poweramp ( Taken out the Preamp section) as this was made by another manufacturer and has a sweet Power amp section.
  7. We have turned up a few shafts of different diameter and now the speed is correct! Brilliant bit of kit indeed. I like the older turntables much more than the current offerings! Bit of a TT Tragic! And love TT motorcycle racing as well!
  8. I have a turn table here with a Mystery Cartridge. No makers name just the front logo. Took it of the grace arm ( on a Lynn TT) and no luck Please inform me if you recognise the cart. Thanking you up font for your help.
  9. Good Tonearm so all good Carts are in play! Moving Coil needs a dedicated MC pre amplification either build into the Amplifier or a Cambridge dedicated Phono amp with MM/MC inputs.
  10. To get the swirls out use brasso and a soft fabric Fisk in a (battery) drill and with plenty of it the acrylic will come up as new It is messy but..... Good you did get the loop and you should consider the Max 5gram digital stylus scale also on eBay to set up your TT
  11. Re the topic of hard and soft wood. I came across an old sewing machine table in delapidated state was made in 1937! Striped it and refurbed it with just a linseed oil coating after a long process. thick veneer panels and solid hardwood Legs and trimming. Took out the cast iron spring assembly and left all the rest of the history there. Absolute stunning piece of HI FI furniture. They do not make furniture like this anymore and people cannot see the quality! My Elac miracoid 610 is just looking so right on it. The others are a Rotel and Sanyo with
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