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  1. Yeah I agree. Thanks for advice Greg. Definitely going insurance broker. I like new for old or declared value in policy. Will make that a must. Cheers..
  2. Hi Killa. I'm definitely interested in your up comming post/review of the upgraded i66s. I've visited VAF and listened to several speakers in their signature range. Was completely floored by what I was hearing. At one point I could hear a sound to my left and thought what the hell is that. But then I realised it was coming from the track, (It was perfect sense pt1 by Roger Waters) the imaging was just brilliant. I could hear every little tiny detail which i love, they're definitely not rolled off at the top but it's not harsh either. Even after a few tracks there was never any hint of fatigue. The stage was large and I was in the music, not in the audience looking at the band but in it with the band around me, just loved it. Bottom end was also rich and juicy, you could get a sense of the power even at low volumes. Yes it's definitely on my list. I was listening to the mklll by the way but haven't heard the mklll SE yet. It astounds me how they could better what I heard. So I'm interested to hear from you since your upgrading to mklll se version.
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. I guess I could research the policy and PDS and T's and C's for all insurance companies, but thats a lot of work sifting through all that. I was hoping that there would be an insurance agency that would have a dedicated dept like Shannons is to enthusiasts cars. But how silly of me to think that would exist. I think you're right Kaynin, I'll contact an insurance broker and they can do the hard work for me. He or she might provide me with several insurer's to chose from, they'll be far more knowledgeable than I could ever be in that field. So it's a no brainer for me. Thanks mate.
  4. Yep. I have done that. Thanks for suggesting. I don't think proof of purchase is my problem actually. My concern is for example in the event of a fIre and all my equipment is destroyed, the insurance company will only cover me at half the cost of what I spent on my system "A depreciated value" . But what I'm looking for is an agency that will pay me back every single dollar I spent on it. I hope that makes sense. Who do you use for your contents insurance if you don't mind me asking.? I'm with an insurance company here in SA. I speak to them over the phone and they don't get it. In case of fire or theft I want them to either replace my equipment like for like (or close too) or reimburse me to the full extent. But they avoid answering that simple question.
  5. Hi all. I've invested many hard earned dollars into my system so far and I'm still going to invest for years to come. But I'm a bit concerned that the insurance company I'm with doesn't have the right policy in place in case of theft. I have tried to explain to consultants over the phone what I have accumulated over the years but in most cases they don't understand what I'm talking about. So I fear that one day I may be unlucky and have my gear stolen and I won't be reimbursed what it is really worth. They may only provide me with a "depreciated value" dollar amount.... Which I don't want. Has anyone got any advice on which insurance company/agency is best suited and has the right policies in place to cover HiFi equipment like ours. This would be much appreciated.
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