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  1. I recently picked up the ST500 v1 and it has outperformed expectations incredibly. I've a long history with Class D amps having enjoyed my beolab 3s above competitor performance for the size for almost a decade now. Very tempted to upgrade to the MkII as it has true separation of input signals between RCA/XLR unlike my v1 which is helpful if plugging two different sources directly into the amp and not relying on a pre to do the job.
  2. Hi Spin Vinyl - what are the Celestion speakers that you have? And where have you listed them? cheers
  3. yep but this is Zone 2 - I can specifiy an dual front A+B HT setup in the Denon settings so maybe that would work via the w4s amp. Regardless some fun to be had experimenting, although feeding those bloody speaker wires into the connectors at the back of the amp which sits in an entertainment unit is a PitA! Thanks for suggestions and will report back once the W4S arrives and is properly setup
  4. Thanks for the suggestion - my only problem is X3000 AVR only has zone 2 pre-outs which means I can't setup these speakers as the primary R+L for HT usage. Can configure them as extra surround speakers (haven't checked if can also do this via the pre-outs, suspect not and can only via the amplified speaker connections). I should probably do some A/B testing between running them via the Denon DAC vs my audiolab DAC to see if the DAC differences are discernible over the Denon AMP (which is quite good at 105W per channel out of Zone 2).
  5. Thanks for comment - do you mean use a preamp that has Home Theatre (HT) bypass (not sure what that is as I would not send HT “inputs” to the preamp) or more simply just bypass HT AVR with use of a preamp?
  6. So I'm hopefully taking possession in a short little while, courtesy of one of the friendly folk on here, a second hand W4S ST-500 power amp that I intend to use to drive an also recently acquired pair of vintage Celestion SL6 speakers - which are quite tight and need a v.solid power source to drive. I've currently hooked these up via my Denon X3000 Zone 2 amp which also allows the Denon to run as my DAC and pre-amp / amp for any of the inputs. I also have an Audiolabs MDAC that is used specifically for a set of Beolab 3s and is fantastic. With the arrival of the ST-5
  7. Anything coming out of a DAC via Optical is not “using the DAC as a DAC” - as the signal is still digital. You’re wanting to enhance the “Digital To Analogue” aspect of your speakers so you have to feed them an analogue signal.
  8. I am using the Audiolab M-DAC and quite frankly it is awesome. Takes optical, coax and USB inputs. RCA or balanced outputs and can be used in pre-amp mode or amp (haven’t tried the latter). I use mine to serve a pair of Beolab 3s (active speakers like yours). My input is normally a Sonos connect box but occasionally move the Mac laptop nearby to run direct from the Mac - but with most of my music from online sources I don’t do that very often. Suggest looking up the Pink Fish Media forums for vast number of reviews and avid MDAC users. In my view, although my memory is getting poorer
  9. Hi all, New member to the forums here. Joined up as looking for good quality info on integrating some of my components - currrently have a separate 5.1 home theatre setup running off main Denon AVR, sonos gear lying around the rooms including sonos amp driving outdoor polk speakers and an M-DAC that is hooked to the Sonos and runs my stand alone Beolab 3 speakers. I'm definitely not an audio-phile listener but do enjoy tinkering around with systems and now considering how to link up a TT to my Beolab 3s without paying for an amplifier I don't need. See you all around here over
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