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  1. Picked a set up today. Man these are everything i hoped they would be! Highly recommended!
  2. Thanks Mate. Yes the E70s are amazing. Very FULL sound through the full range. Cheers.
  3. Item: WTB: Wharfedale Mach 9 Speakers Item Condition: Used (can repair if needed) Extra Info: Perth pick up preferred but may consider courier depending on costs.
  4. Thanks for the add. Love my vintage Marantz and Wharfedale gear. Some of my favourites include: Speakers: E70 Vanguard's / Mach 7s / Bose 901 series Vi Amps; 2325 / 1180DC / Model 240 power amp. Turntable: 6350 / 6100 Keen to hear more and contribute. Chasing a set of Wharfedale Mach 9 Speakers. Cheers.
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