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  1. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I was more looking for used / second hand to a) keep the price down and make my dollar go further and b) help to reuse / recycle / save the planet 😀
  2. Item: Wharfedale Diamond - 9.1 or 10.1 or 11.1 Price Range: $200-350 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hi all, I'm looking for a set of Wharfedale Diamond bookshelf, I heard the 9.1 recently and really liked it, so wanted to get a set for a bit of playing around. I'm open to anything from an 11.1 working backwards, and price I guess will be cheaper for the older models but basically looking to see if anyone in Brisbane / South East Qld has a set for sale so as to not need shipping. Thanks
  3. Thanks Bill. Yes, plenty to digest, my head is already spinning!
  4. Hi all, another new Brisbane member here. I have a very basic setup of an old Kenwood amp, Accusound bookshelf speakers and an old turntable. It gets the job done, but starting to get into the murky world of upgrading! Looking forward to checking out the site. cheers
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