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  1. Yeah I normally get all my gear at CAV so might check them out there on the weekend.
  2. Thanks this Monitor Golds would have been sweet. I guess I will have to keep my put towards the end of the year. Interesting the Acoustic Energy was not on those lists. I've read really good things about the AE500s
  3. Be interesting to see what happens up the food chain now that the Bronzes have got an upgrade. Noticed the price hike as well.
  4. Thanks. Love B&Ws first set of HiFi speakers my family had growing up. Was looking B&Ws as well.
  5. Hi All Currently running a Cyrus One, Monitor Audio Bronze BX2, Project DS+ Network Streamer and Project Hybrid SACD player. I am wondering what would be the next best upgrade for speakers would be? I plan to buy later in the year and would budget approximately $1000 for a second hand set or between $1500 - $2000 for new a new set. Currently looking AE 500 on a brand new basis unless one pops up second hand. Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks EshDes
  6. Hi sorry...I'm on the other side of the city...way out in the eastern. So probably wouldn't work. Pity. But thanks.
  7. Is this still for sale? If it is...I would like to buy the lot. Where are you based?
  8. Thanks again JDH. Spent all of tonight listening to FLAC and high res MP3s through the streamer. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. The CD player was a treat. Can't recommend JDH enough as a seller on this forum. Very patient and had great advice to boot. Will buy from again. Eshan
  9. Thanks Guys for your advice. All of it does make sense! I am going to save up some cash and get the Planar 3 when I can.
  10. Hi All Wanted to ask the question...Is a phono pre amp worth it? Currently running a Planar One through a Cyrus One Amp hooked up to Monitor Audio Bronze BX2....with Chord Clearway cables. The reason I ask is Cyrus has been in the game a long time as well as Rega. Surely the phono input on the amplifier would do a good job? Or is it worth investing in a phono pre amp? What have your experiences been? Thanks in advance Eshan
  11. Hi All Thanks but already bought a Project DS 2 plus stream box and matching CD Box SE. So all good for now.
  12. Hi All Recently purchased a streamer and cd player. Looking to purchase RCA cables for between the CD and Streamer and Streamer and Amplifier. 2 by 2 cables. Budget 100
  13. Hi ...Probably outside of my price range. Only looking to spend about 400 tops. But thank you.
  14. Item: Streamer with DAC Price Range: 400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Ideally A Yamaha WXC -50 or Similar open to other recommendations. Want the option to be able to add more speakers in other rooms in the future.
  15. Cheers Thanks for the welcome and advice!
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