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  1. Jesus Bill - That's a great looking setup - Those are some beautiful speakers - They are one of my dream speakers to own. Unfortunately just bought a pair of Monitor Audio Silvers.
  2. The D50 only comes with a USB cable for power. Works fine...but was told a 5v linear power supply works better. I'm probably going to go put a WTB in the forum...and hope for a bargain.
  3. Thanks! I've never used a DAC before. But looking forward to playing around with it and seeing. Have to get 5v power supply and some cords for connections now.
  4. When I looked just after I got the notification from you - they had already sold. Safe to say that I am going to just get brand new from Addicted to Audio in Kew - Thanking you! Quick and the dead when it comes to bargains around here!
  5. Thanks to Everyone for sharing their thoughts - Will take on board - I have decided to try the Topping at this stage - never before have i used anything but RCA cables - but going to enjoy trying to use Coaxial and USB cables for the first time.
  6. Thanks - But looking for a fairly compact DAC as most of my hifi equipment is half width. So going for a topping at this stage - will be buying new unless it comes up soon
  7. Topping was at the top of my list - after watching a Dark Audio review. I wish there was a second hand one going - but haven't seen one recently.
  8. Thanks Bill - Havent heard of Clay Giesler before - so will keep an eye out.
  9. I was looking to spend $200 on a topping $300 - If I got a good price on a Project Pre Box SE might splurge more.
  10. Hi Thanks...any recomendations in terms of the DACs suggested?
  11. Hi All Currently running a Cyrus One, with Rega RP1, with project stream box ds2, and project cd box. For whatever reason I'm still not impressed with the sound...I use Spotify and tidal through my tablet and sometime through the streamer which is better than the tablet. This is after using the equalizer settings in Spotify. I was thinking of buying a DAC...something inexpensive... was thinking of three options 1. Schitt Modo 3 2. Topping DX3 or 3. Project DAC box Se (Last option and would be pushing my spend) What's everyone's thoughts on DACs d
  12. Item: DAC ideally a Topping E30 or similar and connections Price Range: $150ish Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking to connect up Streamer and CD player Advice will be greatly appreciated. Never used a DAC in the past
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