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  1. Hi all, i have recently seen a Cambridge CXN v2 at a friends place and didn't realise that the music I was hearing was being streamed. It sounds great, so it got me thinking, so I have been to a few stores and looked at them and been considering. One store said go for a Node 2i and another store said it all depended on the budget but the Cambridge was the better unit as it was more than just a streamer with an excellent DAC. Then the decision, do I buy a CXN V1 as there is a new one in the box in a store but then V2 is the current model and I hear a new V3 is coming but no date has been released. Do I jump in for $1k for a new, but older model, wait till the v2 drops in price when the v3 finally surfaces, or do I try and buy a good second hand v2? Other issue also is I have a Yamaha A-S700 amp and a Yamaha CD - S700 with a pair of Martin Logan 35 XT shelf speakers which are all black and the new streamers are not that Lunar grey. So I either need to be get a lunar grey if a new v2 or wait for the v3 or an older version which the black face. Anyone with a suggestion on the original CNX? Is the older version worth considering?
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