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  1. I have been looking at this X8 recently... I am very interested in the 'interchangeable op-amps' feature and would like to see how this can provide different 'colors' to music... What confuses me is on their website it is said X8 use FPGA technology but in a Chinese review article it says ES9038Q2M is used... Youtube channel 'Thomas & Stereo' will release a review soon
  2. I had similar experience... I think this happens when you change from a 'Fix Volume' input to a 'Variable Volume' input when both inputs have signals. When I change between to Variable Volume inputs I never had a pop. I am using Rel HT1205. I tried many methods but eventually I had to run two sets of cable (one from AV receiver, one from 2-channel integrated amp) and make a mark on the volume & crossover knob for two channel listening... I think a DSP with switching function may achieve the function but I never tried it.
  3. I have the similar issue with you. This happened on one of my old cheap multi-region BD player. I have to use Optical to output audio to receiver. I double checked the HDMI audio is on and tried on PCM or Bitstream. I tried connecting HDMI directly to TV. I tried different HDMI cables. I tried setting A or B region on player. No audio still.
  4. I started with an entry level Yamaha 5.1 receiver with Yamaha NS 5.1 system. The speakers are too big for the room. I sold them and got Monitor Audio Silver 6, which is the smallest floorstanding speakers in MA silver series. I think the best decision I've made is upgrading to Anthem MRX 720 receiver. The Arc room correction is very helpful.
  5. Kogan is still selling the Laser https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/hdmi-rca-multi-region-blu-ray-dvd-player-blu-bd3000/ I own one of this when it's still called 'Kogan'. The video quality is bad..but it's still working after 6 years...
  6. 1K is the entry level so do not expect too much power You can check on Denon AVR-x1600H
  7. Your room's layout is similar to mine. It's not a big space so the sound can get very messy even with good speakers. I would suggest to get a good AV receiver and spend some times playing room correction function. Don't rush buying big floorstanding speakers. Choose a good subwoofer and bookshelf can be used as front speaker too. I tried upfiring, front height and ceiling for atmos and to me ceiling speaking is the only way working...You can get a pair of 2nd-hand satellite speakers (something like Cambridge Minx) and try different mounting positions to see if Atmos really matter to you
  8. I have Gen 5 Silver Centre for sale but not in natural oak finish..it's in black oak
  9. I have 205 for sale PM me if you are still interested
  10. Hi Andrei, I have an Oppo UDP205 for sale and it has XLR output. PM me if you are interested.
  11. Hi Everyone, I have been a long time reader of this forum and finally signed up today I started building up my HT&Hifi system from 5 years ago. After a few trades and upgrade my current setup is: Anthem MRX720 Monitor Audio Silver 6 5.1 (mixed with old generation of RX surround speaker) Oppo UDP205 Roskan K3 Integrated Amp Mission M3 cube for Atmos height Hopefully I can improve my knowledge here
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