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  1. Item: Marantz SACD player Price Range: under $400 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: SR series in Silver colour preferred Looking for a Marantz SACD player to match my SR 7002 AV AMP. Prefer models from the SR range in silver colour. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I am currently running a budget 2.1 system (Marantz SR7002 AV AMP+KEF Q series book shelf speaker and a PSW2500 subwoofer). I primarily use the system to listen to my collection of CDs. Have collected some audiophile CDs(FIM being my favourite label) in the last decade also but the sound coming from that setup (Sony X800 UBP) is rather underwhelming and I'm looking to update it to a more capable stereo system. Saw some good bargains on the forum hopefully I will score one good equipment one day.
  3. Hi everyone, I stumbled upon this site while I was searching for a 2nd hand Marantz SACD player to complete my system (Marantz amp+kef speaker). Hope to learn something new from here.
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