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  1. I’d happily buy one just to keep as reference/back-up/toy, but f’d if I know where to get one! Same the the allo thing.
  2. I may have one. I’m after a network transport to go with my qutest, but if my search throws up a streamer with built in DAC, my qutest will be up for sale.
  3. I have one, and I’m after a network transport to go with it. If I find a network streamer instead, I’m happy to move my qutest on since a streamer has a built-in DAC.
  4. Item: lumin, auralic, Naim, etc Price Range: $3000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: After an ethernet transport with BNC/coax output. eg lumin U1, auralic G1, Linn, Naim, dCS, Sonore. good to excellent condition. ideally local pickup (Victoria). ideally roon ready. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Thanks everyone! Lots of good options there! Audio lab 6000cdt CA cxc and Cyrus cdt and the arcam unit seem to fit the bill. thanks!
  6. Item: I want a CD Transport to feed my Chord Qutest, without having to deal with ethernet, jitter, galvanic isolation, EMI, etc, etc. Just put a CD in and hit play. Price Range: 500-1000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Ideally have USB input, and BNC out. Located Melbourne. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Thanks for all the responses. It’s been very useful. I looked around at other options (but didnt take the chance to audition any at all). Time poor atm. I decided to keep it all British, and landed on the Qutest - it sounds amazing and I haven’t fiddled around with it much - just plugged it in left it. I added a Rel T9i, which absolutely pumps, but I have it set at about 1/4 capacity for a nice low end fill. I also have some of Bill’s cables on the way to wrap it all up!
  8. Were you happy with the D10? Not interested in the D90?
  9. Yeah I did the same thing. Hahah. I bet NZ get that all the time. On paper, the topping D90 seems to perform well (audiosciencereview), and uses the latest AK4499 chip.
  10. The gieseler Fien II sounds promising, though auditioning both might be hard..
  11. Another qutest recommendation - hard to ignore! The detail of the bifrost is great, but it seems to lack the soundstage and imaging I heard from the rega ellicit-R and MA G100 when I heard them in store. Both amp and speakers are recent purchases - the bifrost I’ve had for a while through a NAD c355bee to b&w 682 s1. The other difference to in store audition is I’m using a Mac as a source through USB, whereas in store was a CD through a rega player. My cables are also poorer. I assume it’s the DAC, but open to suggestions.
  12. I’ll have a bifrost for sale soon. PM if interested.
  13. The chord does come up a lot in my searches. I struggle to understand how they can cram all the components in that little tiny box that others put into a half or full size shell! ADI2 seems to have some eye candy in the screen and preamp volume control which I don’t need. Ill see if I can find a chord to listen to. A mate recommended a luxman da-06 but even second hand is probably beyond the budget. Thanks.
  14. Hi there, Im in search of a new DAC, perhaps from the classifieds section, or new. setup: monitor audio gold 100 5G on stands rel t9i rega ellicit-R schiit bifrost musichall 1.5 TT average interconnects and cables. I don’t need it to be a network player, and I even wonder if I should keep that part seperate as streaming subscriptions, technology and interfaces change. i listen to folk, ballad, acoustic, jazz. I like soundstage, clarity, detail and airy ness. Not too keen on over emphasised mids. Budget $2k. any thoughts/suggestions would be recommended!
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