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  1. How do these function as a Roon endpoint? I'm very interested in buying one but have heard very mixed reviews.
  2. I’m curious, as someone who recently bought a brand new Qutest for nearly full price, do people really sell them on here for $1500? They are worth so much more than that, yet I’ve seen several people asking for nearly a $1000 discount on them. Good luck, if you find one you’ll be in love with what it does with music.
  3. I could imagine that being insanely jarring at first. I listen to primarily classical and jazz music, so the Utopia would be perfect, but even at 3k they are a bit beyond me. My first impression of them was of the insane detail and resolution, of the up close and incredibly lifelike texture of instruments and voices. But they are quite forward and bright and I can imagine it takes a while for a lot of people to get used to them. The Clear seems a bit less detailed, but still lovely and open with the right DAC and headphone amp.
  4. I agree, everyone's ears are different anyway. But I love Oratory's scientific approach, and the measurements he posts are pretty cut and dry. I heard the Utopia with and without the EQ; and for me it just took away from what makes the Utopia so special, that utterly INSANE level or resolution.
  5. A mate of mine has Utopias like you. He swears that the EQ absolutely ruins them, but like me adores EQ on the Elegia.
  6. I did it through Roon. It absolutely did bring the Elegia to life! Scrubbed the mid heavy haze and added much needed air and space up top. I can't recommend those EQ settings highly enough. I also love what that guy did with EQ for the Focal Clear. It's not as pronounced, but it's still an improvement. Like someone wiping away a fine film of haze and fog.
  7. Mate, try this EQ on Elegia. For me they turn them into the headphone that they are meant to be. Focal Elegia.pdf
  8. Selling on my Chord Mojo to fund a Qutest. The Mojo comes in its original box with micro USB and an additional AudioQuest Tower RCA for connecting to an amp. The Mojo is basically as new, except for a tiny mark on the top on the letter M. You can see it in the photo. A tiny blemish. It’s an astonishing little dac, but it just won’t get use once I have a Qutest. This Mojo has only ever been used in a desktop situation, never outside the house.
  9. I think I scored one of the last remaining Clear Pro from ATA this week. I was able to compare to a friend's Utopia and in the end I'm really happy with my purchase. No, they don't have the same insane resolution as the Utopia, but they really do sound very similar and in my opinion are a big step up from the Elear. I also have a pair of Elegia for when my kids are being noisy. I think they are fantastic, but only if EQed properly. Otherwise they are too mid heavy for my taste. I think we are really lucky to have scored some great Focal deals over here, there's no way I'd have been able to buy Clears at their RRP, but for $1199 they were an absolute steal and trounce other headphones I've had in that price bracket. HiFiMan He560s for example.
  10. I'm also an Elegia owner. I picked them up a few months ago for $799 with the Dragonfly Red, that I've since sold on. Honestly, I didn't love them at first. They sounded very mid forward, which I found fatiguing pretty quickly. I listen to a ton of orchestral music and I couldn't escape a kind of muddy claustrophobic feeling during big tutti sections when using them. But...after 100 plus hours of burn in the were sounding much better. Then, I decided to try and EQ them. I'm using the attached settings I found on Reddit. I just threw them into Roon and honestly, they sound like a new headphone. The mids were no longer forward, there is a ton more air in the sound, and the Elegia's true strength (incredible detail) shines through. You are absolutely dragged along with the musical phrasing, almost by the scruff of the neck! I also have a pair of HiFiMan HE-560s, but in the past couple of weeks I just keep coming back to the Elegia. Naturally their soundstage can't compete with the open backed cans, but the detail and texture present is incredibly immersive. B stock for $499 from A2A is nothing short of highway robbery. Just make sure you give them some time to break in, and use the EQ! I really doubt that you will be disappointed. Focal Elegia.pdf
  11. Thank you! I currently have a Peachtree Nova 150 driving a pair of Focal Chorus 726 floorstanders. I also do quite a lot of listening with headphones, usually out of a Chord Mojo. I've got a pair of Focal Elegias, which I think are incredible once they've had some EQ applied and a pair of HiFiMan 560s which I'm still getting used to. I'm looking forward to slowly upgrading my system. First on the docket is a better DAC. The Mojo already handily beats the Nova's internal unit for micro dynamics and articulation, I'm hoping that I can stretch to a Qutest in the near future. I'm glad to be here, and hope to learn a lot from people with far more experience than I.
  12. Hello everyone. I've finally bitten the bullet on an entry level loudspeaker system, thanks for Addicted to Audio's Focal clearance! I'm a pretty huge classical and jazz fan, with some rock and pop stuff thrown in for good measure. I'm a classical guitarist by trade, and now have a feeling that this new audio hobby is going to hit me in my wallet for years to come. It's been great browsing the forums so far, I'm looking forward to learning from you all!
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