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  1. You have me interested, I am working all weekend tomorrow too, but Monday (my next week Sunday ) I will have a look and see what my earliest is. I think it is late 50's, I know I have a few early 60's. Chris
  2. Interesting! I will have to have a look and see what the earliest record I have in LP, 1956 is going to take a bit of beating Chris
  3. 0.3% does not require any amazing hearing to hear, 0.2% is considered the line at which most cant, but more and people (most) start hearing wow. I am sensitive to both speed and wow issues, I hate wavering notes, but (possibly as I have been spoiled by direct drive) one time with my Technics sl1210mk2 I was listening to a record while I was working on my computer. I sat up and listened thinking that sounds fast. I go over and check everything and then I notice pitch fader light is off. What had happened in cleaning I had nudged slightly the pitch fader, so slightly fast, it was so minute
  4. 0.2% is audible so 0.3% is too high. I can hear way less than0.2% so for me speed stability is very important. When we judge a turntable belt DD or idler its ability to spin at the correct speed smoothly (wow and flutter) and quietly (rumble) is very important if a turntable is not doing these things right it is failing its basic design. To put this in perspective a Lenco idler drive has wow and flutter of 0.08% and most measure 0.05 or less this shows how bad 0.3% really is. 0.2% has long been the bar, my Commonwealth from 1956 managed 0.1% in specs but reality is much less, since new idler
  5. Very true, I have 8 turntables connected and 4 I am restoring and they are DD's. In 80's I believed the press about DD's spin on to now I wish I had discovered them years ago as it would have saved me a fortune. DD's are silent speed accurate and do what is needed with no fuss. Some of the belts today like the Rega RP8 have wow and flutter as high as 0.3%!!!!! This is cray bad for a turntable of this price. The sl1200mk2 has wow and flutter of 0.025% this is more than 10x less, rumble is also so much much much less on the Technics. It has been decades that hifi press have been supporting
  6. Most reviews are written by the same mag that advertises the product... I would not by any turntable that the maker keeps the wow and flutter and rumble a secret, there is only one reason not to publish this information.. Chris
  7. Conical is 500 hours tops, elliptical is much less due to contact area being much less so pressure is much more for a given area. Elliptical is around 300 hours, Shibata is about 600 hours and micro ridge is about 1000 hours due to the fin so stylus life varies a lot depending on profile. Chris
  8. Hi Shailesh, If you are not going to get it retipped get the vivid line with aluminium cantilever it is the best bang for buck. The best is the boron but it is expensive it is far cheaper to get the 99 dollar one and I retip it with boron and microridge if you want that level. The Vivid line is really really good for the money and it had a lovely nude tip. Yes the boron MR is a step up, but the vivid line is very nice indeed far surpassing the price. Dont get the ruby cantilever they are higher moving mass. Cheers Chris
  9. Beer sounds good, shame it wont be a British real ale Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks Ian for the kind words, Just to clarify is it not a nude elliptical it is a nude micro ridge which is way way way better and lasts maybe 3x longer than an elliptical The Garrott, P77 and Vessel which are all the same family are some of my fav MM carts All the best Chris
  11. Whenever working for two weeks groan.. No hifi for two weeks is going to be painful Chris
  12. Hi Ian, Yes I am really happy with the test with D71ee on the 881. Love the Excel corp carts (P77i) silky smooth in a MC way. Chris
  13. Yes bass is stunning, hope she does another album soon. Chris
  14. Nice! I have two records I bought yesterday as I am teaching a course in Cairns, also got from post day I left another Decca gold (which I will transform to a super gold. I am itching to play my records and work on and listen to my cart but have to wait till Sunday night argh the suspense Cheers Chris
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