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  1. It was not a job I did but Alec on VE tells me it is similar and far far far more affordable. Cheers Chris
  2. Just a heads up I will post web page details or message me, but I will be stocking Black diamond and other Analogis products soon, also some Jico. Much to sort out, but it will be great to get these things into Aus. Cheers Chris
  3. It is very hard to fix the 17d3. I would take on almost any cart, but the 17d3 is one I would not. Problem is it is very hard to get diamond cantilever at all, Namiki sell them but it is 2.5k US for one and 1.6k US if you buy 10!!!! How many 17D3 carts is a retipper going to ever fix? Not many if you have to tell customer it is 1.6K or 2.5k before you start work, cheaper to but a new cart. Even if the tip is worn removing the diamond out of a tiny hole drilled in a stupidly fragile cantilever cant think of anyone who would be game to do it. Chris Edit.. I know people who had the 17D3 retipped but now they have ruby cantilevers..
  4. Next try is to put a MR on the stock cantilever, this should give a worthwhile improvement too. I should have the tips in a week or so depending on covid post. I will post results. Cheers Chris
  5. I am happy to do it for you, just saying doing it for the enjoyment of it and making a few dollars rather than a big business. I am more trying to make a few dollars to fund hifi rather than a full on retipping business as do it too much it wont be fun anymore and doing it properly takes time and I am the sort of person where it needs to be right. I order cantilevers in batches of 5 or 6 so I seem to run out quite quick. I bought 50 tips so I should be good for a while. I am also becoming a dealer of Black diamond stylus (this is a business) and some Jico as there is nobody in this part of the world. I have a web page (stylus) being constructed and I will be putting in an order for some stock very soon. I have some AT95 and some AT3600l incoming but next order will much bigger. Let me know if you want a retip I will be happy to help. Cheers Chris
  6. Not trying to sell a service here, profit is very low and time to do is long due to Grado being made the way they are. It is something to do while I am enjoying music on a Sunday. That said difference to the original Grado gold is huge. I Have an old Platinum wood which I will be retipping, but it will have to wait as I only have 3 tips left (Boron), 50 MR no cantilever on the way so need to order some more boron cantilever MR too. I really think the Gold blue etc should have been offered with a decent stylus option. Problem is if they where nobody would buy the expensive woodies. Chris
  7. More thoughts on the Grado retip, it normally takes me a few days with something new to really get a handle on what is going on. Same Great Grado mids, but with Micro ridge (same as sas and ML) detail, this is not a small difference either. Highs are better too ie higher. I removed the "damping ring" which IMO is just glue to hide the join, I reglued it neatly which may be further reducing the moving mass (boron cantilever too) resolving more detail and better highs. It is a Grado with lovely mids that we are used too, but better more controlled bass and highs and detail that Grado does not have. It is a Grado but not as we know it Chris
  8. Yes it is why just spent 5k on tips. I enjoy it so it is a hobby and a bit more. Also just spent the morning looking for a 100 dollar tip never to be seen again. It happens, but still annoying. My desk is at least very tidy now, but did not find the shiny bit of dust I was looking for, darn it.. Chris
  9. You can buy tips from Namiki, but 5-10 at a time with cantilever. If buying just tips minimum order is 50 items which I just did and runs into thousands of dollars. Unless you have a decent working microscope with working distance of 8 inches dont even think about it. It is possible to bodge a cantilever on, but to get it perfect (needed with MR) you really need excellent magnification. Chris
  10. I finished retip today, how a Grado should be made from the start IMO. Scary good highs like no other gold for sure! Chris
  11. It is here I did it today. OMG this is how a Grado can sound!!! Chris
  12. The is a jump in some respects between conical and elliptical but there are some nice conicals too think Denon. That aside the contact patch on an elliptical is kind of elliptical too and altering the angle a couple of degrees is not changing the contact patch in contact with the vinyl so it makes no difference. Line contact line an MR for example the contact patch changes with arm height so it makes more difference. Elliptical no though. Chris
  13. Actually elliptical is not critical at all due to size and shape of contact area. Line contact though is more critical. Chris
  14. The Vessel is a MM. MM or MI is just as good as MC is is all about moving mass. The lowest moving mass cart ever was actually a MM not MC. MI is always low, but MC is cheaper to make and you cant change the stylus so it is better for the seller not for you. Love my MC's just saying that it is not a superior technology. Remember a MC is just a MM in reverse. Chris
  15. Yes. Look at compliance it is perfect for a medium mass arm. Chris
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