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  1. I listened to the Evoke 20s through a Moon Neo ACE and loved them. I have also heard the Hegel H190 with KEF R3s. Trying to decide which way to go..... GLWTS!
  2. Im curious which speakers you are using with the H190 and why you dont like the pairing?
  3. @comicvcd..are you unhappy with your Dynaudios?
  4. Hi Migoo, how do you like that setup? Listened to the R3 today with the H590 (the store had sold all their other ones). I really, really liked it - but its a $16k amp so not sure how to translate that down to the H190
  5. Hi everyone! I used to be a bit of a home theatre nut, but moved overseas for a number of years and had to sell everything. I've been without high quality audio for a while now but just picked up a Dragonfly Cobalt to test the waters again. I'm hooked! Looking for a new 2 channel system right now (I have nothin except for the Dragonfly and headphones). I am considering a Hegel h120 or h190 with either Kef R3, Dynaudio Evoke 20s or maybe some Sonus Fabers (but mainly because they look nice, I have never heard them). Looking forward to talking with y'all! Ryan
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