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  1. ah,,,,I want it too but im in NSW, keep safe~
  2. double price,,,,, upgrade to Node 2i for $850, some dealers are on sales now.
  3. ha? Why said that. Well, what I want to say is that next time....
  4. I wish i saw this topic earlier that is exactly what I want! But I just bought Dynaudio.....😭 GLWTS.
  5. USD cable, I think it over then I clicked it, now I know,,, lol
  6. This is very nice AMP, hope it can find next owner asap.
  7. Thanks guys for your comments above, I think it's better to go listen in person.
  8. Hi guys, My first post here if I post at wrong place please let me know. Ok, back to the topic. I am fresh in Hifi world, just sold my KEF X300A and looking for a new pair of speakers. After some days study and search, there is a hifi retailer in Mel who said he has a so-called "Display" Focus 200 XD and it was only for display 4 weeks. I known Focus 200 XD is discontinued products so I would like to listen advice of your guys here, is that worth to buy, any risks? Oh,,, the price is half of RRP, about $3500. Cheers,
  9. Thank you. Very glad to join the big family.
  10. Hi All , I am fresh in Hi-Fi world. Just sold my KEF X300A and looking for a new pair of speakers. cheers
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