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  1. Anyone used this Brateck PRB-11s mount for their projector: https://brateck.com.au/product/mnbt-prb-11s/ Really wanting to know the stability and how exactly the tilting adjustment is done. When tilting is it stable and how precise, do you adjust screws or is it more just a swivel movement and will it then hold in place or weaken over time. Know this is quite specific so more hoping someone just happens to have this exact model. Thanks
  2. Ha, ha yes but if I go tk800m I would need to be very accurate but trying to get highest off floor. Planning to just use wall for projection. Basically I am limited with my ceiling height on centre speaker placement if not going with an AT screen it looks like it but at this stage will need to stick with projecting on wall so will have to find the best compromise.
  3. Actually meant projector directly to ceiling with no mount, obviously bracing the plaster board more. Just to be able to raise image.
  4. Actually it looks like it not the lens shift (only upwards, down if ceiling mounted) on the tk850 but more the lack of vertical offset that would be better sending image straight instead of down if ceiling mounted. Unfortunately still think the tk850 might be out of budget.
  5. yes, thats what I get also. Although vertical offset might be from middle of lens so might have to add half width of actual projector? Border widths I guess if using screen? But centre speaker would be very low then Think the tk850 might just be out my reach budget wise though. Projector mainly used for watching sport, netflix and PS4 gaming so the tk800m looked like it was the best fit budget wise.
  6. Excellent, thanks for all the info. Yes looking at tk800m which has no shift hence the need to get as close to ceiling to increase floor speaker height. Possibly straight into ceiling with no mount but then brace ceiling above from roof side.
  7. Is it possible to mount the projector directly to the ceiling? Is it bad to do this? Just trying to gauge a way of increasing the centre speaker floor height and maximising screen size. Thanks
  8. What is too low in your opinion for a centre speaker, think I am looking at around 0.4m off floor currently.
  9. Yip, don't know too much about speakers. But those specs were on the back of the surrounds and were different to the fronts, also think someone said they were 3-way surrounds but I really have no idea. Thanks for the help, all appreciated.
  10. awesome might need to upgrade to some bi-pole surrounds, could I just match them with my accusound fronts and centre? Any budget brands worth looking at?
  11. Awesome thanks betty boop. No, definitely don't want to do temporary. Was more trying to save my walls from multiple holes So was not sure if I could just pick a spot, say 90, and then just use the "Audyssey" mic to calibrate. Did not understand if I would need to move them around to get right. Will be able to use anywhere between those angles as can mount anywhere on wall. Is there a best angle?
  12. Ceiling is 2.4m. 130" height is about 1.62m for 16:9 so guessing screen about .4m off floor and same from roof (might go closer to roof). Don't think I would go for an AT screen at first setup. So yes just interesting on how far back I start the riser, thats why considering if I do it initially or after I layout equipment.
  13. The burning question I guess is if I place speakers like dolby layouts, how do I do this temporarily until I get the exact placement for side surrounds or will this exact placement only change by a few mm/cm?
  14. Thanks so much for the advice. Yes, know I will have to be precise with placement with the tk800m, just seems right to me as mostly used for sport. I guess the riser is the main concern with not having furniture yet and thinking if I get the builder to do it or do it myself. Simple box might be the way to go. If 3.9 is the optimal distance a riser from 4m to 5.9m might be ok to plan in advance with the builder? Guess it really depends on final screen size and whether I would ever be closer than 3.9m? Yes, really need to decide on seating, mostly used with 4 people but p
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