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  1. Awesome! I'll have a read up about this guy, looks good and ticks all the boxes. Appreciate the tip..
  2. Hey thanks for the tips, interesting looking products both! I was ideally looking at something I could leave fully connected, with both a DAC/Phono input, I'm not sure I can achieve that with your recommendation. The emotiva PT-100 seems to achieve this after looking around, I'll see if I can find some more "attractive" alternatives.
  3. I'm looking for some advice on best practice for integrating multiple sources into a stereo D-Class power amp with single RCA inputs. I'm currently running a turntable/Chromecast to an integrated amp. If I go down the D-class Poweramp route then should I: A Get a DAC + Phono pre feeding a switch. B Get an all in one DAC with Phono (any recommendations) C Get a DAC and a phono pre which has multiple inputs (fed by the DAC) Very much appreciating people's views on this!
  4. Thanks! Yes looking forward to having a squizz through the classifieds. I'll see about some recommendations first 😄
  5. Hey from Perth, Looking to learn more about getting the most enjoyment from the music I love! Picked up a Cambridge Audio AXA35 and now getting stressed it might be a bit speaker limiting, but eyeing up the klipsch 600M's as they seem efficient..
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