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  1. Further information: Having recently purchased a new pair of Monitor Audio Silver 200 speakers, a REL T5i subwoofer and a Bluesound Node 2i streamer, I have decided it’s time to let go of my Cambridge Audio 740A amplifier so that I have fresh set of components all round. I purchased this amplifier brand new in 2012 after being impressed on listening to it, to replace the good Cambridge Audio Azur 651A I already had. The amplifier is in excellent condition as I look after my equipment, with not a scratch on it as you can see from the photos. It comes complete with remot
  2. Thank you Rohan, that is good to know. I will go to Carlton Audio as they have both Rega and Musical Fidelity (will take my own amp for comparison so I know how much I am stepping up in sound quality).
  3. Thank you rantan that's very useful info, I am leaning towards an MF or Rega and once I listen to them it may boil down to price as well.
  4. Hi Rantan Budget is around $2k to $2.5k. On my shortlist so far are Musical Fidelity m3si (have listened to the M5si and it was very good), Rega Elex R and HegelH95. I am not interested in having digital components-DACS etc) as I want to spend my money on good amplification so Hegel is not a top on the list and its also quite expensive. Would like power of about 85 watts per channel which is what my current amp is. I would like a Musical Fidelity M5Si if I can get it for a good price (budget can be stretched a little bit for it) I have also thought about the Cambri
  5. Hi All I am researching the best choice of Integrated Amplifier (2 channel) for my Monitor Audio Silver 200. Interested in finding out what current owners of MA Silver 200 are using as their amplifier and their view of how the amp works with the speakers. Thanks Neil
  6. Further information: This is a great tuner with superb FM sound as well as good DAB+ sound (limited only by broadcast quality which can vary between stations). I don't bother with AM as all AM stations are on DAB+ . The DAC on this tuner is the a high-end Wolfson 8740 DAC — the same as in the DacMagic and the Cambridge Audio's premium CXN streamers. The tuner is in excellent condition as can seen in the photos, as good as new, as I take care of all my equipment. Selling only because I hardly listen to radio these days. Photos: PLEASE READ
  7. Hi Mark I agree. Acoustic Energy produce fantastic speakers. Smart move buying them in the UK as they were so much cheaper there even with the cost of shipping. They were quite expensive in Australia. I was hesitant to sell these but it started with the idea of upgrading to the new AE309 during the COVID lockdown in Melbourne. While listening to the AE309 and I also gave the new Monitor Audio Silver 200 a listen and was quite impressed and bought them at a decent price. The MA's are smaller and that was a consideration, and I was also influenced by reviews that suggested that
  8. Further information: These speakers are in immaculate condition with no starches or damage as can be seen from the photos. They sound fantastic and well suited to someone interested in building an audiophile system. Acoustic Energy are a renowned British speaker manufacturer whose products are consistent award winners. The AE109 is one of the best examples of their success with floorstanders. Anyone familiar with the Acoustic Energy brand will know how good these speakers are. They received fantastic reviews and won the several awards including 5 stars from What Hi-Fi
  9. Hi Everyone I am a new member from Melbourne
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