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  1. If you decide to sell them separately i would be interested in the modi
  2. I have just picked up a pair of these Virtue Audio M5001 Monoblocks. They are class D but with valves, I went class D to keep costs down and ongoing electricity costs down as well. Doe anyone have any experience with these amps and any suggestions for a good preamp for them would be greatly appreciated.
  3. anyway thanks for the warm welcome to the site.
  4. yes the smelter is still stumbling along but it is a year to year situation. Still if you can handle the weather and find a way to pay your bills it is a great place to live.
  5. Great will take the Freya pls. Can pickup this weekend.
  6. meh just bought some mono blocks. If you decide to break it up I would be interested.
  7. New to the site and just getting back into Audio after 10 years of nubing it out with Bose products. Cheers
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