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  1. The work of modifying the original transformer is excellent, it has been done before with very good results. I think it is better than having to use two transformers and being able to make the mistake of plugging into 220v directly.
  2. From what they understood, you advise is not to modify the original transformer? In my case, 100v to 220v, so only the primary coil of the transformer is modified. What is your opinion? or use an external transformer to reduce from 220v to 100v?
  3. hello, finally my come sansui au a707i, take out the transformer to change the voltage from 100v to 220v which is the voltage used in my country. Then I'll tell you how it works🙄
  4. hola cafad muchas gracias por compartir tu conocimiento sobre estas bellezas, estoy interesado en comprar una de las series alfa, especialmente la serie 707, me gustaría saber cuál de estas tres según tu experiencia me recomendarías o cuáles son sus diferencias entre ellos 707, 707i, 707L. mi presupuesto no es suficiente para la serie 907. Gracias
  5. sorry and thank you i use translate google
  6. Hola soy nuevo vivo en chile y me gusta mucho su web
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